Prevention of accidents the only mechanism to minimize loss of human lives, economy and environment: Additional Secretary (Chemicals), Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, GoI

New Delhi: Mr Samir Kumar Biswas, Additional Secretary (Chemicals), Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt of India today said, “Agrochemical industry contributes heavily towards the food security and provides employment to a large workforce. It has been a champion sector with regard to exports, next only to the pharmaceutical industry, which has been receiving its due share of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ while removing bottlenecks and progressive regulatory measures to safeguard the environment.”

Addressing the webinar ‘Importance of Safety in Manufacturing: Indian Crop Protection Industry – Operation and Execution of Production Change Management’, organized by FICCI, jointly with CropLife India, Mr Biswas added that keeping in backdrop the recent unfortunate incidents, the webinar is aptly timed. It will dwell upon the self-assessment of safety of the manufacturing facilities, he noted.

Mr RG Agarwal, Chairman FICCI – Crop Protection Committee and Group Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. said, “Agrochemical industry might be small but has colossal impact on the food security of the nation. Although IT systems have helped evolve the safety of the Agrochemical plants; skill enhancement and continuous training of the workforce, both by the Government and the industry are the needs of the hour, which would further elevate the levels of safety in the industry.”

Mr Asitava Sen, CEO, CropLife India said, “Agrochemicals have been identified as one of the champion sectors where India has the potential to become a major global supply hub. The cross-industry discussions have highlighted the diversity of implementation practices in industry towards safety and the challenges encountered in implementing and maintaining effective management of change programs; and has served as a platform for sharing evolving best practices.”

FICCI Compendium on ‘COVID Relief Initiatives of the Crop Protection Industry’ was released during the webinar.


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