Prestigeous International Indian Film Academy award -IIFA to be organized in Bhopal on March 21, Indore on March 27 and 29

Bhopal : For the first time The prestigious 21st International Indian Film Academy Award – IIFA is being held outside Mumbai for the first time in Madhya Pradesh. The event will be held in Bhopal for one day and in Indore for two days. Popular film actors Shri Salman Khan and Sushri Jacqueline Fernandes announced the dates of the IIFA awards at the curtain raiser programme held at Minto Hall today in the presence of Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath. The event will be held on March 21 in Minto Hall, Bhopal and on March 27 and 29 in Indore. The IIFA Awards on music, entertainment and filmmaking will be hosted by Shri Ritesh Deshmukh, Sushri Jacqueline and Sushri Katrina Kaif along with Shri Salman Khan.

IIFA Award event dedicated to youth

Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath, while sharing the story behind IIFA award event to be organized in Madhya Pradesh, told that the organizers of the award have made the right choice at the right time. He said that there is no ice and sea in Madhya Pradesh, but more than that there is heritage, greenery, national parks and most importantly – peace loving, simple and hardworking people in Madhya Pradesh. Our state is tribal dominated by which our state is identified. Their value has increased with this event. Shri Kamal Nath dedicated the IIFA Awards to the youth and bought the first ticket. He said that IIFA is an economic activity. Changing the profile of Madhya Pradesh is the main objective. Madhya Pradesh should be compared to the most excellent states and the cities of Madhya Pradesh with other developed cities.

Giving the background of the event, the Chief Minister said that about 15 years ago, he was introduced to IIFA when he was the Union Minister of Industry and today he has got the outcome. He said that India is known for its diversity and Madhya Pradesh has the highest diversity. Referring to the tribal museum located in Bhopal, the Chief Minister said that within the diversity of India, the diversity of Madhya Pradesh exists in a large and beautiful form. Madhya Pradesh is no less than any state in terms of brotherhood, unity, greenery, national parks and heritage. After the IIFA Awards, now the film industry will rightly identify Madhya Pradesh.

The Chief Minister said that Madhya Pradesh has forests and heritage. The biggest thing is the straightforward and hardworking people of Madhya Pradesh. He said that this is the profile of Madhya Pradesh. It is a state of youth. The youth have talent and the passion to grow. They are in search for opportunities. Opportunities for further growth will come from new investment and investment will come with confidence. He thanked the IIFA organizers for choosing Madhya Pradesh for IIFA Awards event. The Chief Minister said that Bhopal and Indore are among the cleanest cities due to public efforts. The circumstances will improve in the coming years. The Chief Minister said that Shri Salman Khan is originally from Madhya Pradesh but has become a Mumbaite. At the outset, the Chief Minister welcomed Shri Salman Khan and Sushri Jacqueline Fernandez.

Chief Minister works like the youth

Renowned actor Shri Salman Khan brought back childhood memories of Madhya Pradesh and especially Indore. He repeated such memories of which the people of Madhya Pradesh were unaware. In his humourous best, he said he got conceived in Mumbai and was born in Indore. He also said that whatever he is today is due to the education he received in childhood in Madhya Pradesh. Referring to his emotional relationship with Madhya Pradesh, Shri Khan said that he has been associated with Madhya Pradesh for six generations. He told that his father had moved from Indore to Mumbai and remained deeply associated with Indore even after earning a name in Mumbai. Shri Salman Khan also said that it would be appropriate to call Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath as a young Chief Minister because he works like the youth.

Recalling memories connected with IIFA awards, Sushri Jacqueline Fernandes she was associated with the IIFA Awards in Colombo. She said that the Hindi film industry has become a global thing.

3 reasons why IIFA Awards are being organized in Madhya Pradesh: It was possible due to the Chief Minister’s thinking and cooperation

It was told at the IIFA award curtain raiser programme that there are three reasons behind the selection of Madhya Pradesh for this award programme. The first is that this is the best venue, second is the positive and cooperative political leadership of the state and third is the simple and peaceful people of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is the second state in the country where IIFA Awards are being organized. It was earlier held in Mumbai in 2019. This has been possible due to the cooperation and thinking of Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath.

Shri Salman Khan and Sushri Jacqueline Fernandez presented a replica of the IIFA Award trophy to the Chief Minister. IIFA participant, Shri Shashank Shrivastava of NEXA presented a ticket to the Chief Minister. NEXA has been associated with the IIFA Awards for the last six years.

The Chief Minister presented an album of childhood photographs of actor Shri Salman Khan in Indore who became quite emotional while receiving the album. The Chief Minister presented Gond art style paintings created by Gond tribals to Sushri Jacqueline Fernandes. The Golden Ticket campaign was also launched on this occasion. A campaign of gender equality was started on this occasion.

Replicas of IIFA Trophy were presented to the Tourism Minister Shri Surendra Singh Baghel, Chhindwara MP Shri Nakul Nath and Chief Secretary Shri S.R. Mohanty. On this occasion, Public Relations Minister Shri P.C. Sharma, Culture Minister Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sadho, Finance Minister Shri Tarun Bhanot, Energy Minister Shri Priyavrat Singh and a large number of dignitaries were present.

Principal Secretary Tourism Shri Faiz Ahmed Kidwai proposed the vote of thanks.

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