President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu presented the National Energy Conservation Awards 2023

The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu presented the National Energy Conservation Awards 2023 and National Painting Competition on Energy Conservation prizes in New Delhi today (December 14, 2023) on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day.


Addressing the gathering, the President said that the health and happiness of all of us lies in the conservation and good health of nature. If we make optimal utilization of the available resources, everyone’s energy and other needs will be fulfilled without unnecessary pressure on nature and Mother Earth. She stated that along with optimal utilization, all stakeholders will have to promote energy efficiency and innovation. Energy saving measures have to be used on a large scale. She highlighted that energy saving is energy production – this message is very useful. She urged all to make every possible effort to spread this message.


The President said that in the 21st century, the world community will have to remain continuously active in enhancing energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy. We have to increase the production of energy from wind, solar and small and micro hydro projects. Apart from using more renewable energy, we also have to make efforts to produce more energy from less resources. She added that we should move forward with the concept of a triple bottom line in our sustainability efforts. Any business should not only have economic benefits but also have environmental and social benefits.


The President said that India has always worked as a responsible country in the field of clean energy. But we have also been making it clear from time to time that the dependence on fossil fuel is definitely decreasing but fossil fuel based energy is also essential in our country. India is promoting clean coal technologies so that the processes of coal extraction and use become more efficient and environment friendly. It is the result of our commitment towards the environment that India has moved from 30th to 7th place in the ranking of Climate Change Performance Index in a period of ten years.


The President said that efforts like ‘Green Energy Open Access Rules, 2022’ and Renewable purchase obligations will also play an important role in India’s journey to achieve the target of Nationally Determined Contributions by the year 2030. She stated that in line with ‘LiFE’ i.e. Lifestyle for Environment, India has now taken the initiative of “Green credit” which encourages environmental protection practices related to our traditions. She expressed confidence that these efforts will prove important in achieving our clean energy and environment goals.


The National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated on December 14 every year, in order to spread the message on the importance of conserving energy and to showcase the achievements of the nation in energy efficiency and conservation.

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