PMEGP Scheme of MSME-Anju Devi’s Journey to Self Reliance

New Delhi : Anju Devi hails from Bihar. #PMEGP scheme helped her obtain a diploma in Madhubani painting and provided a loan to launch her enterprise. Keeping her passion for Madhubani art alive, she decided to turn it into an economic proposition and revive the dying art. Today, her enterprise called SSD Mithila Arts has not just made her a proud entrepreneur but also made many other women self-reliant by providing them employment.

Her message to other women is, “Choose an activity that interests you, makes you self reliant and at the same time provides employment to other women around you. Hard work, perseverance, quality output and constant innovation will lead to success.”

PMEGP scheme provides financial and training support, MSME paves the road to success for Anju Devi and many others.

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