Parle Agro redefines Boldness with new Brand Ambassador for B Fizz, Arjun Kapoor

New Delhi: ‘Be Bold, Be Brave’ is the motto of Parle Agro’s exhilarating malt flavoured fruit drink, B Fizz. A pioneer in India’s beverage category, the company has struck yet again with an edgy new TV campaign for B Fizz and rugged new face for the brand, Arjun Kapoor. Unveiling the new ambassador-drink duo through the ad, Parle Agro evokes a sense of fearlessness and boldness with B Fizz. Centered on the taste profile, and vigorous spirit surrounding the imagery, the campaign for B Fizz stands apart from any other drink in the market.


Launched in the midst of the pandemic last year, Parle Agro’s exciting addition to the sparkling fruit drink category, B Fizz has seen extraordinary success. As per secondary data research, within a year, B Fizz alone has led the growth of the malt flavoured fruit drink category by nearly 10 times on account of its ever increasing demand. Also, by disrupting the category due to its unique taste and price point of Rs. 10 for 160 ml SKU, Parle Agro has not only sold close to half a billion units in a year, but also became the fastest growing malt flavoured fruit drink brand in India.


“In the past one year, B Fizz has grown exponentially, multiplying our sales and expanding not just the sparkling fruit drink category, but growing the malt flavoured fruit drink category multifold which was almost non-existent in India. Expanding the portfolio successfully in the midst of a pandemic is a clear testimony to our determination and ambition. Looking forth, we not only aim to build the malt flavoured fruit drink category further with B Fizz, but with the combined might of Appy Fizz and B Fizz, we intend to build the sparkling fruit drink category to a 10,000 crore category by 2030.” opined Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director and CMO, Parle Agro.


The 2000 crore sparkling fruit drink category created by Parle Agro when they launched Appy Fizz, continues to be dominated by Parle Agro with over 90% market share.


As the country enters the second summer of the year, Parle Agro is looking to build tremendous buzz for B Fizz through a high-decibel marketing campaign. The media campaign has been rolled out nationally across multiple channels including TV, OOH and Digital.


B Fizz is characterized as a dynamic drink for the bold, and for those who look for newer experiences and challenges which is underlined by new brand ambassador, Arjun Kapoor in the TVC. The unmistakable red and white packaging coupled with its unique taste appeals to consumers of all age groups and can be consumed at any time of the day. Whether it is Diwali, New Year’s, or a house party, B Fizz is the party-starter that will make you feel fearless but also won’t blur out memories you most cherish. The malt flavoured fruit drink offers a unique taste and fizz that is perfect for consumers who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.


Commenting on the TVC, Ms. Chauhan said, “Parle Agro takes pride in being a pioneering beverage brand that is not afraid to take risks to meet and exceed expectations of our customers. With B Fizz, we wanted to tap the audience that is bold, loves to take risks and seeks new experiences. In our latest ad for B Fizz, we have captured this very sentiment through the imagery which is bold and edgy.”


Speaking further on appointing Arjun Kapoor as Ambassador, Ms. Chauhan said, “Arjun Kapoor is the perfect choice to represent the ‘bold’, ‘unique’ characteristics of B Fizz and we are elated to have him onboard as the ambassador for the brand. Just like Arjun’s personality, B Fizz too holds a strong distinct character that cannot be compared to another. The refreshing duo is sure to drive reach and build greater visibility for the brand and make B Fizz an easy pick for beverage consumers across India.”


Speaking on his association with Parle Agro, actor Arjun Kapoor said, “I’m thrilled to be representing a unique, bold and revolutionary drink like B Fizz. There are times when a brand’s ideologies and your own personality harmonize perfectly, and my association with B Fizz is simply that. Shooting for the ad was a great experience especially because the brand’s approach to advertising is so unique. I’m excited to be a part of Parle Agro’s vision for the brand and look forward to being part of their growth journey.”


&Walsh, the creative agency for B Fizz, has led the campaign narrative for the television commercials, print and digital. The films have been produced by Ransom Films, and directed by John Poliquin.


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