Over 51, 000 frontline Railway Staff trained under Mission Rail Karmayogi

New Delhi :More than 51000 frontline Railway Staff have been trained under Mission Rail Karmayogi. These employees have been trained by ‘Master Trainers’ who themselves have been trained at the Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management (IRITM), a Centralised Training Institute under the Ministry of Railways.

The training of the Master Trainers has started at IRITM from 28th February, 2022. Each batch at Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management (IRITM) has Master Trainers from seven divisions of different zones. Till now, 8 batches of Master Trainers comprising 49 divisions (more than half of IR divisions) have been covered and the 8th batch is currently receiving training at IRITM. These Master Trainers have already trained more than 51,000 field trainees in the field.

Mission Karmayogi was launched on September 20, 2020, by the Government of India as one of the most significant capacity building initiatives anywhere in the world. Ministry of Railways was the first to respond to the Prime Minister’s call for change in the attitudes and skillset of Government employees. Experts in capacity building and behavioral transformation have been roped in to develop customized texts and audio-visual content to impart the training. The extensive use of information technology is envisaged as a game-changer as it would ensure ‘any time, any place and any device learning’ while maintaining strict norms for monitoring and assessment.

The project seeks to train about one lakh frontline Railway Staff in a six months period. The objective of the Mission Rail Karmayogi is to transform the outlook of these Frontline staff by providing citizen centric training- firstly helping them develop the “intention to serve” and secondly building their “ability to serve”. It has been designed to play a big role in improving their individual performances as well as strengthen the image of the organization as responsive and efficient.

One thousand identified frontline Railway employees, nominated from all 68 divisions of the Railways, would be trained as ‘Master Trainers’ at the Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management (IRITM), a Centralised Training Institute under the Ministry of Railways. These ‘Master Trainers’ would further train the remaining railway employees in the field in a time-bound manner. All trained employees would be assessed using a state-of-the-art technology platform and will be duly certified.The developed course content would also be onboarded on iGoT, the online training platform of Government of India, for training the Railway personnel in subsequent years.

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