Open live directory of journalists ‘Know Your Journalist’ started in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: ‘Know Your Journalist’ an open directory of journalists started in Odisha. Now journalists can registered their name in this web-portal along with more details about them. This initiative is taken by Odisha Media Award team in their web-portal . Know Your Journalist’ is an open live directory of journalists and media professionals of Odisha state in India. It is an independent, not-for-profit website built to make it easier for the public, to find out more about journalists and what they write about. The site allows to find out further information about a particular journalist – such as links to a personal website or wikipedia page and, in some cases, an email address & phone number. It is intended to make the news media more transparent and accountable on behalf of the public. Because of the way the information is gathered, the site is not comprehensive now. It will take some time to get handfull information about journalist & media professionals of the state said N.A.Shah Ansari Convenor, Odisha Media Award.

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