Odisha: Riding without helmet: Citizen Sentinels to keep check

Cuttack: Do traffic offenders bother you? Citizens of Odisha can now assist the Transport department in enforcing traffic rules. They can report about riding without helmet violation through the Next Gen mParivahan App ‘Citizen Sentinel’ option. The department is seeking active participation of citizens in enforcement of road safety through sentinel application developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC).
Alert citizens can contribute to making Odisha roads safer and act as a force multiplier for enforcement team. In the Citizen sentinel option the ‘No Helmet violation’ can be registered by uploading the live video and image. One needs to capture violations of driving without helmet (photo as well as video) on their smart phones and upload the same on the application. On the basis of inputs, e-challans will be issued by State Transport Authority after verification.
As per the data, in 2022, a staggering 34 % of the deaths in road accidents involved two-wheelers which are a common mode of transportation in Odisha. A total of 1695 people lost their lives and 2615 were injured due to riding without helmet.
Shedding light in this regard, Shri Lalmohan Sethi, Additional Commissioner Transport, Road Safety & Enforcement said, “Road Safety is a shared responsibility. To begin with, we are seeking help of citizens to keep check on those who ride without helmet. In future other traffic violations will be added in the Citizen Sentinel option. Due to continuous enforcement activities people are using helmets in the urban areas but are unfortunately avoiding wearing helmets in rural areas and highways where protection is much more needed.”
He further said, “Even though it is mandatory, helmets are rarely worn by the pillion riders despite similar risk of accidents like the driver. If riders take care of own safety by wearing helmets, they should not risk pillion rider’s safety.”
Shri Sethi further informed, “Citizens can upload photos and videos of both rider as well as pillion rider for riding without helmet. While clicking photographs and videos please insure that the violation as well as vehicle number is clearly captured in the photograph and video. Location, date and time of violation will be automatically captured from live images and videos uploaded. Identity of any person reporting traffic rules violations will not be disclosed.”

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