Odisha Introduces AC Helmets for Traffic Constables

The Commissionerate Police in Odisha is considering procuring Air Conditioned (AC) helmets to shield traffic constables from the intense heatwave conditions. After successful trials conducted in Bhubaneswar, Police Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda stated that implementation would proceed promptly if feedback is positive and vendors can supply in quantity. Sanjay Joshi, a vendor, mentioned that these helmets, already in use in Gujarat, West Bengal, and other states, can withstand temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius and reduce temperatures by nearly 15 degrees. The helmets, with a full charge lasting 8 hours after 6 hours of charging, are manufactured in India and readily available in desired quantities. Traffic constables welcomed the initiative, citing the challenging conditions they face at traffic junctions during heatwaves, expressing optimism that such gadgets would significantly aid their work.

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