Odisha Government Announces Cash Awards for State Players in Medal-Winning Indian Hockey Teams

BHUBANESWAR: In a gesture of recognition for their stellar performances, the Odisha government has declared cash awards to honor state players excelling in hockey on the national stage, according to an official release.

Amit Rohidas and Deep Grace Ekka, hailing from Odisha, will each receive a cash prize of Rs 3.75 lakh for their outstanding contributions while representing India at prestigious tournaments. Rohidas showcased remarkable prowess during the 2023 Men’s Asian Championship Trophy held in Chennai, while Ekka displayed her exceptional skills at the 2023 Women’s Asian Championship Trophy held in Jharkhand.

This initiative not only celebrates the individual achievements of these athletes but also underscores Odisha’s unwavering support for the development and promotion of hockey, a sport deeply entrenched in the state’s cultural fabric.

The announcement of cash awards by the Odisha government is a testament to its commitment to nurturing and incentivizing sporting talent, thereby encouraging more athletes to strive for excellence on both national and international platforms.

As Odisha continues to bolster its reputation as a hub for hockey and sports in general, such initiatives play a crucial role in inspiring the next generation of athletes and fostering a culture of sporting excellence across the state.

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