Odisha BJD MP Rabindra Kumar Jena urges MPs to contribute Rs 50,000 from salary as assistance to people of Kerala

Bhubaneswar: Odisha BJD MP Rabindra Kumar Jena urges MPs to contribute Rs 50,000 from salary as a token assistance to people of Kerala.
In view of the widespread devastation triggered by the unprecedented floods in Kerala, Baleswar MP Rabindra Kumar Jena has written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan requesting her for financial help to the victims.

“Though relief materials and financial helps have been offered by Central and various State Governments and agencies for Kerala, I would propose an initiative through you, Madam, to set up a relief fund so that each Member of Parliament can contribute Rs 50,000 from their salary as a token assistance to the people of Kerala and show solidarity with the affected mass. The amount so collected may please be transferred to the CMRF,” Jena mentioned in his letter.

The unprecedented rainfall has flooded thousands of villages and destroyed precious lives and properties. From various media inputs, over 350 persons have lost their lives and several hundreds of people have been evacuated by Armed forces and volunteers. About 10,000 km of roads have been ravaged for the flood situation and hundreds of thousands of people are still marooned, the MP has pointed out.

“Being from Odisha, I can fully empathise with the people of Kerala as we (in Odisha) encounter such disastrous situations time and again. I would like to appeal to all the Members of Parliament through you, Madam, to contribute part of their salary for the people of Kerala,” Jena said in his letter.


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