Odisha Animal Lovers Meet 2017 – 12 Nov 2017, Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar : AWTE – Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra is an established organization in the state working primarily in the field of Animal welfare . This event is the cumulative effort of animal lovers in the city to come under a platform and share ideas and build a strong , loving community necessary to support the cause of animal care and welfare. The event has received a wonderful response with more than 70 participants coming together for a day long workshop on various issues related to the cause .
The session started with a movie on ‘Puppy Mills’ which is a well-kept secret of the pet-trade industry. It is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs. The movie was followed up with an interactive session on ‘Adopt With Doubt’ where participants were encouraged to adopt indie dogs or stray dogs who are in no way less than their pedigree counterparts ! Dr Jasmeet Singh , Director Vet Care also shared a wonderful session on ABC – Animal Birth Control . The Government of India and the court have specifically forbidden the killing of street dogs. This ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme includes spaying of females and castration of male dogs as the only practical solution to control the street dog population. Gradually the participants were also enlightened about ‘ Veganism When you know exactly why you want to be vegan you simply don’t stray from the lifestyle. This is why it is so important to learn the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and the effect animal products have on our health, environment, and humanity ! The participants were offered delicious vegan lunch ,snacks and vegan tea too !
While empathy towards street animals is a virtue that is rare and appreciable, it is important to know that sometimes our intervention can also put them out of distress ! All through these session participants were seen interacting and brining out their concern on pet care and how they can volunteer or contribute to saving distressed animals on roads . The speaker Mr Debendra Nath Nanda, Senior Inspector, State SPCA also explained many facts and information related to Animal Rights , First-Aid and Care .
The event also brought inspiration , art and creative joy together through ‘Shop with ‘Tanuja’ – an artist who showcased her homegrown , eco-friendly animal themed goodies for all the animal lovers . The Chainjokers , a stand up comedy team from Bhubaneswar also performed at the event !

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