On the occasion of 3rd Anniversary of 22Bikes, many events were organized to mark the special day

Bhubaneswar: Like all previous year, we added another chapter for our ongoing campaign called Recycle your Cycle. This time, we donated 2 old bicycle and 1 new bicycle.

“Many customers want to dispose of their old bikes. We fix a price for the old bike and deduct that amount from the new one. Then we recycle and repair the old bikes if needed and donate to children in an orphanage(Sri Sri Maa Anandashrama, Damana Square, Bhubaneswar)”, says Ajay.

“Earlier, the kids living in orphanage used to walk to schools for about 2-4 km. But now, many of them reach sooner and even save time for studies. The orphanage manager is also happy that the children there are not as tired as they used to be earlier,” says Sanjeeb Panda, (IPS), chief guest of the day.

When people want to just donate old bikes and not buy new ones, 22 Bikes repairs them for free before giving them away.

If you have a old bicycle, donate us for a better cause. Call us on : 93376 46910 for more details.

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