Now, a heritage walk at Dhauli to narrate it’s glorious past

Bhubaneswar : In order to inspire and activate people to learn about their own glorious past and especially to know the historical importance of Dhauli and it’s vicinity, a heritage walk was organised by Bhubaneswar Walks under the aegis of Sarna Educational Trust, early morning today. Locals from nearby areas of Dhauli and heritage enthusiasts from the city participated in the event and explored the magnificent story behind the rock-cut elephant and the Ashokan Edict near the foothills of Dhauli hill. Explaining the participants, archaeologist-cum-author Jitu Mishra explained how Dhauli on the banks of the historic Days river had become the epicenter of the proliferation of Buddhism and transformation of the blood-thirsty Emperor Ashoka to Dharmasoka or Ashoka with a compassionate heart. Narrating the Kalinga War and it’s effects on the great emperor and how he changed himself and through his rock edicts of Dhauli addressed the entire humanity as his children, Mishra observed that if today, we are talking about UN and it’s pan-global role, Ashoka through his rock edicts did it some 2500 or nearly 3,000 years before. “The essence of Dhauli lies in the rock-cut elephant and the Ashokan Edict and also the Daya river bed and ancient temples nearby as the white pagoda was built only during 1972,”” he said, adding Ashoka’s one of the younger siblings was also associated with a monastery here. Purna Chandra Swain, a participant, who is a local admitted that many news things were learnt today from the walk. Another visitor Jogendra Muduli also added that Buddha’s story on influencing great rulers of the ancient India to spread humanity and love across the world is perhaps the greatest contribution of India to the world, which loves expansionism and hatred. Among others, Co-founder of Serna Educational Trust Rosalin Dash and writer and heritage lover Bibhuti Barik participated in the maiden walk. Bhubaneswar Walks organises heritage walks presently in two circuits of Udayagiri – Khandagiri and Dhauli. It’s planning to add more circuits to it’s itenary very soon. The event starts at 6.30 am in the morning and continues up to 2 hours on Sundays.

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