NIST’s Robotics Workshop at IISER Berhampur

Berhampur: Creating your own robot helps you learn the engineering in all its practicality. In such an initiative, NIST Robotics Club (NRC) in association with IISER Physics Club organized Automatic Robotics Workshop at IISER Berhampur on 3rd November 2019. As a training partner, NRC demonstrated the art of creating robots by combining concepts from multiple engineering disciplines. Over 60 BS and MS students of IISER participated in the workshop.

With the guidance of NRC Faculty Advisor Dr. Swagat Samantaray and Mr. Aswini Kumar Khuntia, 3rd Year Core members of NRC gave IISER students hands-on learning and training by involving them in creative activities that motivate for further studies. This workshop detailed the ideas about robots, types of robots and their applications. The workshop introduced Arduino and Bluetooth RC Car, and demonstrated building Bluetooth RC car, test-running the car, and line-following robot. At the end, there was a question-answer and note-taking session. The workshop was well received by IISER faculty members and students. IISER students showed their interest to explore further by participating in robotics projects, research and competitions.

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