Nine community radio stations across Odisha aired awareness program On World No Tobacco Day

Bhubaneswar: On World No Tobacco Day, nine community radio stations across Odisha has aired the awareness generation talk on harmful impact of tobacco. In this awareness programme, the member of Nasha Mukti Yuva Sankalp Md. Imran Ali has discussed various issues of tobacco. He described tobacco as the biggest preventable cause of cancer in the world. Tobacco consumption has attributed the highest instances of oral cancer in India which ultimately turned India into the capital of mouth cancer in the world.
Tobacco kills 2500 Indians per day which is bigger than the deaths caused by HIV and Malaria put together as per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey. In this awareness talk Imran requested to the adults and teachers not to send the kids to purchase tobacco products for them. He hinted for keeping the children away from tobacco products which will generate a tobacco free tomorrow.
In the meanwhile, people have also been given awareness on COTPA, 2003 which is the tobacco control legislation of the country. N.A. Shah Ansari, the founder of first community radio of Odisha, Radio Namaskar has described the efforts of Imran as an innovative and meaningful in contemporary situation. Similarly, the Secretary of Community Radio Association of Odisha Sk. Mohd. Niyaz told that such awareness talk in community radio stations has reached to the people of unreasonable areas, tribal populous districts, remote villages and small towns of Odisha.

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