Need to recognize Caregivers those play a critical role for the Person with Disabilities.

Bhubaneswar: Caring is a global issue that impacts all. Whilst numerous organisations assist people with disability, mental illness or long-term illnesses, the needs of their carers – most of whom are unpaid family members are widely neglected. Caring can be a rewarding role for but at the same time it can have a negative impact on the physical, mental, emotional, social and economic wellbeing of carers. In low and-middle-income countries (LMICs) there are very few NGOs or government resources that provide support to carers.

“Carers are the invisible army of people keeping everything going. They are among us but we don’t have eyes to see them.” – said Anil Patil, founder member of Carers World wide a UK based Organisation in the collaborative dissemination workshop organised at NCSCDA, Bhubaneswar on 26th February 2020 to discuss on the issues and challenges faced by the disabled persons and their carers. This workshop was a collaborative initiative by State Commission for Person with disabilities (SCPD), Carers Worldwide and Rengunwala Foundation India Trust and SPREAD, EKTA and WORD from Koraput district.

The participants were chairperson of SCPD, Assistant Director NCSCDA, State Commissioners for disabilities Karnataka, representatives from SSEPD department government of Odisha, representatives of carers worldwide and RFIT and three partners working on the issue of Caregivers, Koraput Care givers Association members and other civil society members.

The objective of the workshop was to Discuss the issues and challenges faced by the carers, analyse different policies relating to peoples with disabilities by government of Odisha and its implication on persons with disabilities and carers, share the experience of the works done by SPREAD, EKTA, WORD in Koraput district with cares and peoples with disabilities from the ground.

The consensus emerged during the deliberation that the carers face multipronged challenges and it is essential that the hard work and sacrifice of the carers be recognised in the society. Both government and none government organisations need to work collaboratively in this endeavour.

Speaking in the workshop Mr. Chaitan Naragi members of Baipariguda Carers association told that “there are no schemes to support the carers in the state of Odisha. The state government need to come out with a scheme in line of Karnataka schemes of carers to provide regular economic support to the carers. “ Speaking in the workshop Mr. Bidyut Mohanty from SPREAD told that the guidelines for spending 5% of fund at GP level for the PWDs should be implemented strictly.

Ms. Solochana Das State commission Odisha told in the workshop that 86% of Care-givers are women & she will discuss with the Government of Odisha & department on the issue of Carers for allowances, schemes for them. It was decided in the workshop that there is need for a Carers Association at State level to raise the issue of Cares & there should be a “Carers Day “similar to PWDs day & other international Days to give recognition & identity to Care Givers.

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