Nationwide Protest Against Communal Hatred Echoed at Kandhamal District

Phulbani: We can’t tolerate any more killings and attacks on dissent voices , stop atrocities and killings of dalit and minorities, hands off communal forces was the slogan raised by the hundreds of protesters at the district headquarter of Kandhamal as participating in the nationwide protest call which was given by ‘Forum Against Assassination of Gouri Lankesh’ . Responding the call the various organisations like Campaign for Peace(CSSS), Indian Social Action Forum(INSAF), Banabasi Surakshya Parisad and Adivasi Adhikar Aandolan were jointly came to the street and organised protest rally and meeting at Phulbani, the headquarter of Kandhamal district which was severely affected by right wing violence in 2007 and 2008.
The protest rally was started from Madikunda Chhak and marched around the town in the tune of songs like ‘ Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalman Banega’ and ‘Mere Rande Basanti Chola’ and slogans against recent killings of Gouri Lankesh, M.M. Kulbargi, Govind Pansare, Narendra Davolkar, to save democracy, diversities and constitutional values as well as attacks on dalits and minorities by the state right wing extremists supported by right wing political parties.
Under the leadership of Narendra Mohanty, Secretary, Campaign for Peace and state convener of INSAF, Rationalist leader Md. Abdul Sukur, D. Mohan Rao, senior leader of civil society Brahmananda Behera, Chakradhar Mallick, Prof. Prasanna Bishoyi, Prasanta Pradhan, V. Subramanyam Das, State Employees Federation Coordination Committee(Kandhamal)’s secretary Kishore Mishra, leader of regional women’s federation Bhanumati Mallick, community leader Balabhadra Mallick, Amosh Majhi, Patra Mallick, students leader Kanhu Mishra and others led the rally and organized a protest meeting in front of Gandhi Statue after paying the homage to the father of nation.
The speakers were given a clarion call to the general public to be united against all hate campaigns by the divisive forces and hold high the banner of democracy, constitutional values, secularism and right to expression of the citizen and also the cultural diversities of our country. We are not the subjects of any kingdoms , we are the citizens of democratic and constitutionally ruled India, they raised. It was declared by the protesters to organise similar activities in across the district and to unite all common people in larger platform for the basic rights of dalits, tribal and other poor marginal sections and fight against hatred politics of communal forces.

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