Nandanik celebrated World Theatre Day 2018 at Koraput

Koraput: Nandanik celebrated World Theatre Day 2018 at Koraput by organising a seminar on the topic, ‘Relation of Theatre with Poetry’. The programme was held at Saints School, Koraput.

The programme was inaugurated by Shri Sai Kumar, Principal, Saints School, Koraput. The message of the world theatre day was read out by Saumendra Kumar Swain, coordinator of the programme. This year’s message was given by Shri Ram Gopal Bajaj, eminent Indian theatrician and ex director of the National School of Drama. The message was translated into Odia by Shri Subodh Patnaik, eminent theatre director of Odisha.The panelists of the seminar were Shri Umakant Das,veteran theatrician, Shri Jaladhara Swain, Dr Pritidhara Samal, Shri Rabi Satapathy, Mrs Jhansi Singh, Mrs Meena Swain, eminent poets and Shri Sheikh Ibrahim, eminent teacher. The seminar was chaired & moderated by Shri Narayan Panda, eminent critique.

The panellists discoursed the inter relationship of poetry and theatre and issues which were discussed included Kavyarasa, natyarasa, odia & indian literature, various forms of theatre, language and it’s application among others. The panelists agreed that poetry and theatre are similar in spirit.

Prof Sourav Gupta, Director of Nandanik delivered the concluding remarks by citing instances of poetic moments from classic plays like Tagore’s Raktakarabi and Brecht’s Mother Courage.The vote of thanks was delivered by Praparni Panigrahy, member of Nandanik.
Nandanik has been celebrating the World Theatre Day in Koraput since 2015. Prof Gupta said that the group does not want to limit itself only to staging plays but also engage in creative discourse of the medium. This was the fifth seminar organised by Nandanik in Koraput since its inception in 2014. The World Theatre Day 2018 marks the 70 years of International Theatre Institute of UNESCO.

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