Mystic India Festival Launched online series; main festival in Delhi, Goa from 2021


Mystic India Festival world’s only festival dedicated to celebrating Mystic Traditions of India and of the world has been launched.
The sessions will cover spiritual and interfaith traditions around the world and there will be a focus on creative arts like classical and regional dance and music traditions.
Celebration of form and formless divine as invoked since time immemorial by several saints, poets, and reformers will be featured in the festival.
Mystic India Festival will host festivals in different parts of the country and around the world.
New Delhi: The Mystic India Festival has been launched to mark the Nine-Day Navaratri Festival. Initiated by the Kalinga Literary Festival(KLF), the Mystic India Festival has been launched on the KLF’s popular digital dialogue platform Bhava Samvad. The festival has identified several destinations in India and around the world to have Mystic India and Mystic World Festivals from 2020 onwards with an objective to develop insights into the current problems and explore our collaborative power to solve them through global spiritual engagement.

Mystic India Festival has attracted several popular regional and folk singers from Odisha, Bihar and Rajasthan and celebrity writers in the broad traditions of ancient Indian writing like mythologist and best-selling author Devdutt Patnaik, cultural expert Amb. Akhilesh Mishra, best selling young historian Mr. Hindol Sengupta.

Acclaimed mythologist & author Devdutt Pattnaik & Odissi Musician, researcher Prateek Pattnaik also joined the session on ‘Odia Ramayanas- Overlooked Songs Stories and Beauty. Mystic India Festival also hosted Jayadeva Gita Govinda by Pandit Kunj Bihari Mishra & Dr Kamal Mohan Chunnu, Bhojpuri singer and Sangeet Natak Akademi Award winner Chandan Tiwari.

Mystic India Festival will host spiritual guru Swami Mukundand on his book “The Science of Mind management” on October 30. In November Mystic India Festival ll host session on Sufism, Sikhism.

Mystic India Festival, Founder and President Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Parida highlighted the need to focus on literature especially on history, mysticism, music, dance, and spiritual literature. He expressed happiness on the hugely positive response from the nook and corners of the world to the Mystic India Festival.

Mr. Parida said, “Mystic India Festival celebrates the spirit of inclusion, interfaith and ideas of universal brotherhood. Salabega, Kabir, Tukaram, Lalleshwari, Akka Mahadevi, Bhima Bhoi among others and the glorious simplicity of these prominent personalities, their philosophy, and the festival promotes the lyrical and creative aspects of their work and teachings within a fulfilling two-day programme. Salabega, Kabir, Tukaram, Lal Ded, Akka Mahadevi’s poetry is all about inclusiveness – and every year, Mystic India Festival will celebrate this philosophy and essentially bring to music, dance, poetry-lovers an unforgettable experience of listening to leading exponents of the Music, Dance, art, poetry and literature. The Festival celebrates the uniqueness of Mystic India”.


About Mystic India Festival and Kalinga Literary Festival

Odisha Diary Foundation (ODF), Rythm Festival Pvt Ltd are organizing annual Kalinga Literary Festival, Mystic Kalinga Festival (KLF), Kandhamal Literary Festival, KLF in Koraput every year. Annual Kalinga Literary Festival, Mystic Kalinga Festival (MKF) celebrate the creative spirit of India and commemorate the literary diversity it offers, bringing it in conversation with the best minds in the world of literature within and outside of Odisha and India. Academics, authors, political and social activists, law makers, government officials, corporate leaders, students and people from all walks of life immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the festival and exchange opinions on their favourite authors and works.

Mystic Kalinga Festival has emerged as an Annual Flagship event in the cultural calendar of India and our focus is to rekindle the romance with literature and foster reading and writing habits, especially among the youth. It offers a national platform with a global appeal and bridges the gap between literature in English and other Indian regional languages.


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