Mothers Public School Spearheads Walkathon for Water Conservation and Societal Welfare

Bhubaneswar: Mothers Public School is going to organize a walkathon in the 1st of May 2024, with the motto of spreading awareness around the cause of water conservation and judicious use of drinking water. It is a community-driven initiative with a vision to create a healthier, more inclusive world, keeping in alignment with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations to which the school has sincerely pledged itself. The aim is to have a profound impact on individuals from all walks of life.
Staff and students of Mothers Public School are going to participate in a 3 km walkathon from their Unit -1 campus on Wednesday, starting at 6.05 am. The walkathon aims at creating awareness on water conservation and is going to be flagged off by Jayant Kumar Dora , ACP Traffic. More than 200 walkers are going to participate in the walkathon to raise awareness among the public about the need to conserve water.
‘Education is a human-centred profession, and educators are our greatest asset’, says the Chairman and Principal Ms. Poly Patnaik. Educators health and well-being has multiple dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, financial, and social. These elements are interconnected and they influence each other. Mothers Public School prioritizes establishing health and well-being as a collective priority and responsibility for the educators to face the challenges and to have a positive mind set.
‘Wake Up, Walk Up! says Managing Director Ms. Minati Sabat. “Our planet is running out of time! Climate change is no longer something that can be ignored or put off as it is a reality today! Each of us is responsible for reducing our carbon footprint. Speak up and get others to join in taking action. It’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to make a difference.” She adds.
Under the guidance of esteemed Chairman and Principal Ms. Poly Patnaik, Director Mr. Sreejet Patnaik, Managing Director Ms. Minati Sabat, Vice Principal Ms. Asha TR, Mothers Group of Institutions is driven by its vision, embodying a commitment to prioritize societal service. Mothers Group of Institutions functions as an operational body executing programs designed to enhance societal welfare by offering assistance and awareness and guidance to underprivileged communities. The objectives are being fulfilled through the programs, which emphasize global sustainable goals such as health and well-being, food and hunger, quality education, and public awareness.

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