Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath Urges Police To Work As A Team for Better Results

Bhopal : he Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath has said that the police officers can help the deprived get justice. A good police officer is also a justice giver. The Chief Minister said that the new government is committed to keeping the morale of the police high and maximising facilities. He said that in democracy the concept of freedom, equality can be practiced with limitation and the concept of justice can be practiced without limit. It is not necessary that justice is always delivered through courts. Justice can also be delivered by right thinking authorities. The Chief Minister was addressing a high level joint meeting of Inspector General, Deputy Inspectors General and Superintendents of Police at the police headquarters here today.

The Chief Minister said that the safety of the poorest and deprived sections should be ensured through law and order. He said that the dignity of the institution of the police should stand protected and stainless along with other institutions as they draw their strength from the Constitution.

Adopt new work culture

The Chief Minister asked the police officers to be familiar with the new work culture of the new government. He said that the law and order is the government’s top priority. He said that police officer is the face of law and order. People look forward to police officers for safety and security. Their the expectations must be responded sensitively.

The Chief Minister said that the poor sections yearn for justice. The police force should work in the interest of the weaker sections. The police must be aware that the people look forward to them for justice. He said that the police administration also represents Unity in Diversity as police officers from different castes, communities and religions work together under the umbrage of law.

Police Should Work As A Team

Shri Nath said that the crime scene is changing with the changing of technologies being used in crime. Police officers must keep pace with it. He said that police will have to work as a team for the expected results.

The Chief Minister said that the state government has Zero Tolerance policy for preventing sale and use of narcotic items and check spread crimes involving them. Lapses in investigation of such crimes will not be tolerated. Similarly, criminals involving in crimes against women and children will not be spared. Negligence in investigations of such crimes will be strictly dealt with.He instructed the police officers to take strict action against the criminals and also take preventive actions to minimise the chances of crime.

Beware of communal elements

The Chief Minister said that maintaining communal harmony is a challenging task for police as the communal hatred spreads rapidly and becomes a challenge for police administration. Therefore, the police administration has to be more conscious of those elements, which can disrupt the communal harmony. He asked the police officers to deal with such people strictly. He said that such elements are active during election and special religious occasions. He said that religious harmony and tolerance are the hallmark of India’s identity. He urged the police officers to take side of the neediest so that people have a deep sense of security.

Expressing concern over the problem of traffic arrangement in big cities, the Chief Minister said that an Integrated Police Traffic Management System should be considered. He said that there is no shortage of budget for smart policing.

Police officers discussed the possible obstacles in smart policing. Apart from this, issues such as traffic management and monitoring of sensitive areas through CCTV cameras, opening of drug de-addiction centers, giving computer training to lower police personnel, increasing police housing system were also discussed.

The meeting was attended by Director General of Police Shri VK Singh, Principal Secretary Home Shri Malay Shrivastava and other Senior Officers.


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