Love Your University and believe in Excellence : Vice Chancellor

Balasore: Universities, colleges and Research Institutions are unique places where we learn, gain new knowledge, exchange, ideas, discuss, deliberate and ultimately start our career from here. Educational institutions around the world have produced great leaders, freedom fighters, scientists, doctors, teachers, managers and many others. Therefore, quality education matters; said Professor Dinabandhu Sahoo, Vice Chancellor, F.M University while launching a unique campaign “I Love My University” and “ We believe in Excellence”. Addressing the students, teachers and others Prof. Sahoo urged them to spend quality time in the University and college, campuses and learn new things, and think out of box and go for innovations. He further emphasized that if anybody wants to excel in life in any profession then the person should not compromise with quality and the only way to succeed is to go for excellence. He said, “if you want to spend more time in the campus, you must love your University first. Your love and affection to the University will not only make you happy but also develop a long term emotional bonding even as an alumni in the future. Top class universities around the world have strong alumuni connect and even after several years after they pass out , they continue to contribute because they love their universities”

Therefore, I love my university and we believe in excellence. The idea is not restricted to FM University alone but a small initiative which can be practiced in colleges and universities across the whole country. Prof. Sahoo released coffee table mugs on the occasion which says “I Love FM University”. This would be a loved souvenir from the University to its members, guests and stake holders. On this occasion the Vice Chancellor announced that an office for International Affairs will be established in the F.M University Campus, before February. This will put F.M University in the global map. Students and teachers were quite happy, enthusiastic and very appreciative of this idea. Students of final year said “the campus now looks very pleasant, beautiful and vibrant. We are loving it and would like to spend more time in campus now. We were looking for this opportunity for a long time and we got it now”. Teachers of the University would now like to spend more time on the campus for research and teaching. Students waved the flags with full enthusiasm and clapped for the initiative.


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