KiiT-IS Signs MoU with Action for Autism for SEN Globe


Bhubaneswar : KIIT International School (KiiT-IS) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with New-Delhi-based Action for Autism (AFA) to develop the Department of Special Educational Needs (SEN) on the school campus into a Centre of Excellence.


The MoU was signed between KiiT-IS and AFA in the presence of Principal Secretary SSEPD Department, Government of Odisha Bishnupada Sethi, KIIT-KISS Founder Dr Achyuta Samanta, while AFA Founder Merry Barua and Chairperson of KiiT-IS Mona Lisa Bal signed the document.


Speaking on the occasion SSEPD Principal Secretary Bishnupada Sethi said “I am overwhelmed with the way the Department of SEN is being operated inside KiiT-IS and it really surprised me that such an institution is here in Odisha to take care the needs of the special children.”


Declaring that the State Government will do every possible help in order to develop the SEN Globe at KiiT-IS into a Centre of Excellence of Global repute, Sethi also added that empathy and compassion have always remained the hallmark of KIIT-KISS Founder Dr. Samanta. He later took a tour of the facilities under the SEN Globe initiative inside KiiT-IS.


Founder KIIT-KISS Dr Achyuta Samanta in his speech said “KIIT Group of Institutions have really made a global mark for its compassionate and holistic development of the society. We will take the responsibilities of five to six special kids from poor economic background so that along with the kids of affluent families, they would also be taken care of at SEN Globe facilities of KiiT-IS.’’


In her speech founder of AFA Barua, who herself had an experience of raising an Autistic child and later grew like an institution in helping out special kids and parents, congratulated KiiT-IS for its dedication and sincerity in making the SEN Globe a unique platform to transform the lives of special kids.


Chairperson of KiiT-IS Mona Lisa Bal also congratulated the teachers, special educators, parents and especially the support staff, who take care of the kids for the overall management of the SEN Globe initiative.


In 2014 SEN Globe started at KiiT-IS with only seven children and 15 teachers. In 2018 the school had 45 students and 17 teachers enrolled under the Department of SEN and now by 2023 the centre has 150 students, 55 special educators and 15 therapists (Speech, Cognitive and Occupational).


SEN Globe follows a very systematic and scientific screening using all the standardized tools in identifying and teaching patterns, which is reflected in the extraordinary performance of the students. The entire process stands on the 3 key pillars of Screening, Mapping, and Programme assignment. It is also called IQ 3, i.e. Identification, Intervention, and Inclusion. While the entry age is 4-12 years, exit age (completion of 12th Grade) is 17 years.


President of KIIT-KISS Saswati Bal and Principal-cum-Director of KiiT-IS Sanjay Suar were present. A documentary showing the day-to-day activities and grooming of the kids under SEN Globe was also screened on the occasion. A beautiful cultural show by the special kids was also staged.


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