Khimji Jewels launches TVC for its new jewellery collection – “Collection ME”

Mumbai: Khimji Jewels, one of India’s oldest and most trusted jewellery brand, launches its latest line of personal jewellery titled Collection ME. Crafted in pure gold and bejewelled with precious Swarovski stones, the collection boasts of a wide and thoughtfully put together repertoire of fine jewellery that sings to the free hearts of young women across India. Launched on all media from television, print and OOH to digital, social and www platforms, the collection is the newest in the long line of successful launches by the venerable and deeply loved House of Jewellery that people across all age groups in Odisha swear by.

Commenting on the launch, Nishit Nanda, CEO – Consumer Business at Khimji Jewels, said, – “The brand that we have inherited from our elders is a tremendous responsibility. People in Odisha not just love and trust Khimji Jewels, they include it in their lives when they weave their stories and create memories for a lifetime. For over eight decades, we have been honoured to be a part of every milestone in the lives of people from births and weddings to anniversaries, celebration of the new-born to commemoration of sacred festivals. As we step into a new era of transparency, transformation and trust my team and I are gearing up with renewed energy to be ready for the winds of change. With this collection, we celebrate freedom and youth. The new youth that is fearless and unshackled as well as deeply responsible and completely aware of the self. This also marks a major milestone for us as we are now ready to deliver to the entire country based on our cloud strategy focusing on customer experience and fulfillment. We are hoping that with this collection, it will be the beginning of a journey that will let us deliver to India what we have been delivering to Odisha for 84 years.”

Conceptualised and crafted by Digital Dogs, the campaign is positioned on the platform of the spirit of freedom. A lyrical musical of free-flowing verses that swing gently in the breezes of change.

Commenting on the campaign, Ambarish Ray and Anjali Rawat, Founders of Digital Dogs Content and Media said,- “We had promised ourselves from the day we set up our venture that everything we do will be authentic and impacting. There is no dearth of mediocre work out there and today we have more white noise than real stories. We are thankful for Khimji Jewels to place their faith and future in our beliefs. With this collection, we have created a lyrical panorama across platforms and brought it alive through technology and experience design. Collection ME is a tribute to the spirit of freedom and the eternal, indomitable force that is youth. Design synergy and emotional honesty are at the core of this integrated content programme and we intend to build further on this. Today’s consumers are audiences first and buyers second and we intend to form a lifelong relationship with them based first on authentic storytelling and narrative impact before selling them anything. In fact, if people buy into you first, they will buy from you happily forever after.

Digital Dogs has worked with teams across Los Angeles, Russia and India to create the core campaign and its various extensions. The launch is across television, print and outdoor, retail and ambient platforms as well as deeply integrated experiential encounters in the cloud across social, mobile-first platforms, digital and www forums. The collection can be seen on the website and is available across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, social search platforms and in showrooms.

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