International Sand Artist Manas Sahoo created sand art on the occasion of World Water Day

Puri: On the occasion of World Water Day, International Sand Artist Sri Manas Sahoo has created a sand art with the theme “Nature for Water”.


Water is life; without water the creation of the world is impossible. World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March all around the world. On this occasion in order to create awareness among people sand artist Sri Manas Sahoo has constructed a sand art at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at golden sea-beach of Puri, Baliapanda.


Life flows in each drop of water. People should be conscious of the value of each drop of water. Instead of wasting water, should care to conserve it as it can help us prevent scarcity of water in the future generation. Water is the most precious gift of nature. All these ideas are behind this art of Mr. Sahoo.


This sand art is of 15 feet in width and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. It took nearly seven hours to build it. Here the artists is giving the message of “Life Flows in Each Drop of Water” and “Save Water”.


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