Interactive Session withDr. Sudhanshu Sarangi, Commissioner of Police Bhubaneswar Cuttack Odisha on DrugAbuse organized at IIT Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Since students are the most vulnerable target of social evils like drugs menace, an interactive session for educating students about the intense gravity of substance abuse and its harmful effects on the life, career and health of students was successfully organized by the PIC Counselling Team of IIT Bhubaneswar where Dr. Sudhansu Sarangi, (IPS), Commissioner of Police Bhubaneswar Cuttack delivered an interesting session. The event was presided over by Prof. R.V. Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar. Although the session was on drug abuse but the talk was an interactive one which talked about new technologies, democracy, law enforcement, challenges pertaining to globalization and many more.

The Commissioner of Police spoke about the transition phase of technology revolutions which changed the phase of communication and technology. He also stressed on the fact that workforce to be future ready with newer concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Automation. He also emphasised on the fact that the IIT Brand is bigger than the brand India. He also talked about law enforcement and the various constraints and challenges related to the same. He also brought to light that in today’s world, human beings need to struggle to keep themselves in tune with the times and stay relevant. He stressed on the fact about challenges related to globalization and rapidly changing job scenario which will have shorter shelf life, so the person concerned need to evolve and update to keep up with the ever changing world, the person should be a multi tasker so that he can multiple skill domains in his kitty making him a worthwhile choice every time. In addition he also stressed on the facts such as health, hygiene and nutrition.

Prof. R.V. Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar profusely thanked him for presenting a glimpse of the yesteryears technologies and putting up a great picture of the era that passed by including his focus on new emerging technologies will change the phase of the world in times to come. He asked the students to be creative and innovative in their approach and thinking. He also strongly agreed with the viewpoint of being relevant in today’s scenario to keep up with the changes in the field of science and technology. He also stressed that the world had in coming years become more civilized and moved on. But one of the major concerns that he pointed out was in relation to environmental concern owing to the relentless rise in carbon dioxide levels. He expressed his happiness and thanks to Dr. Sudhanshu Sarangi IPS, Commissioner of Police Bhubaneswar Cuttack for taking time out from his busy schedule and delivering an outstanding talk in the interest of the students, faculty and staff members of IIT.

The session was followed by an interactive Q & A session. Also present at the occasion were Prof. V.R.Pedireddi, Dean Student Affairs, Col (Dr.) Subodh Kumar, Registrar, Dr. Srinivas Karanki, PIC Counselling and his team. The session received active participation from students, faculty and staff members in large nos.

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