Inner-Wheel Club of Bhubaneswar Metro takes Welfare Initiative in the City

Bhubaneswar: As a part of its philanthropic initiatives, the Inner Wheel Club (IWC) of Bhubaneswar Metro has taken up several measures in the city. Today during the official visit of the District Chairman IWD 326, Mrs Manisha Shrivastav distributed the Lenovo & Samsung Tablets to the underprivileged students of Mahima Gyana Mandira at Patia in the town, in order to enable them to cope up with the Online learning mode which has been now in practice in the backdrop of Covid. She also handed over one Sewing machine to a deserving lady tailor at the school. Earlier the IWC Metro took up the task of totally reinovating the school which was in worse shape. This includes the repair work, painting, plantation and placement of gabion to protect the saplings inside the premises. Speaking on the occasion, the President of IWC Metro, Mrs Sujata Mishra said that this is one of our measures of taking care of the underprivileged women and girls in the city and we will take many such steps in future. She also appreciated the efforts of the members who have been undertaking many praiseworthy initiatives in this direction.
Among others the Club Secretary Mrs Parvati Biswal and Treasurer Mrs Sandhya Sahoo and other members of IWC were present on the occasion.

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