Income Tax Raids on Odisha Distillery Group Yield “Highest-Ever” Seizure of Unaccounted Cash Valued at Rs 290 Crore

Income Tax Raids in Odisha Uncover Record Rs 290 Crore Unaccounted Cash Seizure, Sources Confirm

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar, Dec 9 : In a major operation conducted by the income-tax department targeting an Odisha-based distillery group and its associated entities, an “unaccounted” cash seizure is projected to hit an astounding Rs 290 crore. This anticipated haul stands as the most substantial black money seizure ever conducted by a single agency in a single operation, confirmed official sources on Saturday.

The meticulously planned raids, initiated on December 6 against Boudh Distillery Private Limited and other linked entities, led to the discovery of undisclosed cash. The ongoing counting process, facilitated by approximately 40 large and small counting machines, involves additional departmental and banking personnel to expedite the assessment of the currency notes, sources reported.

Authorities have also requisitioned more vehicles to ensure the secure transportation of the seized cash to government banks across the state. The intensity of the operation and the substantial cash recovery exemplify the scale and impact of this enforcement action by the income-tax department.

This significant haul of unaccounted cash underscores the intensified efforts by government agencies to combat financial irregularities and unearthing undisclosed income, emphasizing the commitment to enforcing financial transparency and accountability across business sectors. As the counting process continues, authorities remain focused on completing a thorough investigation into this unprecedented seizure in the state of Odisha.


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