IIMC Celebrates 71st Republic day with cleanliness drive and ‘Shabdanjali’

Dhenkanal: Even after seven decades of freedom, we are a step backward to experience it in a real scene. Let’s start a second independence movement to achieve freedom in the truest sense, said media teacher and an author Subir Ghosh, during the 71st Republic Day celebrations at Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Dhenkanal on Sunday, January 26.

Focusing on the essential needs of every citizen of India,
the chief guest for the 71st Republic Day Subir Ghosh said, “ We are celebrating Seventy years of independence and we haven’t been able to get equal access to health care and education, many socio-economic factors such as increased poverty, unemployment are the problems that India is facing.” He also said that our forefathers had a dream that after independence, the society will get all kinds of freedom but ironically marginalized sections are still on their way to achieve freedom in all aspects, to achieve those goals we need to fight for second independence.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Mrinal Chatterjee Regional Director of IIMC, Dhenkanal said “We all talk about corruption linked to political leaders of the country, but they are not the actual source for corruption because the corruption doesn’t starts after a person gets elected as people’s representative; during the election campaigns some sections of the people accept money, liquor and other unofficial benefits from the contesting candidates. So, to recover the election expenditure, they have been accepting bribes and doing scams and self-utilizing public funds during their actual tenure. Keeping it in mind the citizens should change themselves and feel responsible first. Then the society will change automatically.”

In this special programme, teaching, non-teaching staff and the students shared their opinions and thoughts on Republic Day importance. Later on the students and staff members of the IIMC Dhenkanal participated in campus cleaning programme.

In the afternoon, the institute conducted a literary programme “Shabdanjali” in association with Dhenkanal Literary Society. In this programme the most awaited short play “Balidan” was also staged.

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