Hyundai re-affirms its commitment in making roads ‘Safer-for-Everyone’ with #BeTheBetterGuy

 Gurugram : Hyundai Motor India Ltd, country’s first smart mobility solutions provider and largest exporter since inception, continues its efforts in making Indian roads ‘Safer-for-Everyone’ by launching the sixth edition of #BeTheBetterGuy, a unique mass-movement by the brand in promoting road-safety. With this year’s theme of ‘Buckle-up, Young India’ the initiative targets to reach 400 MN+ Gen Z and millennial road-users by developing an emotional connect with them which leads to a paradigm positive behavioral shift in the mindset thereby encouraging road-users to create a ‘Chain-of-Change’.
Commenting on the launch of the sixth edition of the #BTBG Campaign, Mr. Puneet Anand, Asst. Vice President and Group Head, Corporate Affairs, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “As a responsible and a caring brand, Hyundai aims to increase awareness about road safety by making the Gen-Z and millennials socially responsible by highlighting the importance of being a safe road-user. #BeTheBetterGuy, which began as a public awareness initiative in 2016 with the tagline ‘Safety-begins-with-you’, grew over-time into a mass movement that became synonymous with Hyundai’s efforts in making Indian roads ‘Safer-for-Everyone’. ‘CONTINUE’, our global CSR movement defines our consistent efforts towards the community at large, efforts made under this aegis with #BeTheBetterGuy continues to bring a positive behavioural change in the society by engaging the masses and going ‘Beyond Mobility’. By doing so we are working towards creating a sustainable & safe environment for road-users which drives ‘Progress for Humanity’.”
#BeTheBetterGuy draws attention to critical issues pertaining to road safety by focussing on key messaging:
  • Always wear a seat-belt when seated in your car, even you are a passenger seated in the rear.
  • Follow all traffic rules & don’t over-speed, even when no one is watching you!
  • Be a responsible road-user and don’t drive under the influence.
  • Don’t use mobile phones while driving. Eyes, always on the road.
  • Let pedestrians cross first. Make Indian roads safer-for-everyone.
  • Give way to emergency service vehicles. Clear the path to life.
In addition, #BeTheBetterGuy’s theme for this year ‘Buckle Up Young India’ puts a renewed focus on proper utilization of safety features present in modern-day automobiles, not only for you but also for your loved one’s safety.
Launched nationwide, #BeTheBetterGuy is a holistic road safety campaign designed to create two-way communication by utilizing a variety of digital platforms for maximum impact with the aim to share emotional and impactful messaging with the youth thus creating a ‘Chain-of-Change’.

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