Hamdard Laboratories strengthen its medicine portfolio; launches six new Unani medicines for overall wellness

New Delhi: To strengthen its wellness medicine product portfolio, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), a progressive research-based health and wellness organization launched six new OTC (over the counter) medicines to treat illness like fever, cold, cough, etc. The newly launched medicines are developed from ancient Unani formulations that combine the benefits of time-tested natural herbs for holistic wellness. Safoof Satt-E-Gilo, Memoprash, Habb-e-Bukhar, Lauq Sapistan, Ayush Joshanda and Khameera Hameedi are the new Unani medicines introduced for disease management without causing any side effects.

The latest medicines launched will strengthen the alternative treatment methodologies through the Unani system of medicines. These medicines include extracts from numerous plants/herbs like Brahmi, Amla, Giloy, Gajar, further combined and tested Hamdard’s R&D center for its effectiveness. They are from the Unani medicine formulatory which has been approved by the government of India.

Commenting on the launch of new OTC medicines, Abdul Majeed, Chairman, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division) said, “In the current scenario of Covid-19 outbreak, while it is important to stay safe, building a stronger immune system is equally critical for holistic wellness. As an ongoing process of introducing effective formula and drugs, Hamdard Laboratories has launched these unique Unani formulations to restore a balance between organ systems, mind and body for a healthier lifestyle. Since our inception, we have believed in providing good health and natural wellness to all at affordable pricing to improve the quality of human life. We aim to provide wellness to every human who chooses an alternative way of well-being that is by modern science as well.”

· Safoof-Satt-E-Gilo: It is a potent classical Unani preparation effective in fever, malaria, cough, cold, blood purification and improving immunity. It also increases appetite and strengthens the stomach, removes allergies from body and skin and protects from respiratory as well as urinary tract infection. The drug includes developed from ingredients like Satt-e-Gilo, Tabasheer, Dana Heel Kalan and Dana Heel Khurd. It is advised to intake 3-5 grams of powder with water every day before going to bed.

· Memoprash: It is a unique formulation prepared from sixteen essential herbs and mineral. Key ingredients like Brahmi, Badam (Almond), Amla, Akhrot (Walnut) and Gajar in the Memoprash play key role in the development of the brain and provide tonic to the brain and eyes. They also strengthen nerves (central & peripheral) and helps in forgetfulness, headache and multiple neurological disorders. Memoprash also improves general health due to synergistic effects and as well subsidiary ingredients like Asgandh, Satawer, Sankhaoli and Warq Nuqra (Silver).

· Habb-e-Bukhar: An effective classical Unani preparation useful in all types of fevers, especially in malaria, cough, cold, blood purification and improving immunity. In this preparation, ingredients like Kanakana (Cinchona bark), Tabasheer, Giloy are used which are proven beneficial in curing fever, malaria, blood purification, liver protection, tuberculosis, asthma, Alzheimer’s etc. It is a rich source of minerals, calcium, iron and chlorine. It is recommended to take this 1 – 2 pills times in a day with water as prescribed by the Unani doctor.

· Lauq Sapistan: This is a poly herbal classical Unani preparation claimed to be useful in the conditioned such as URTI (bronchitis, pharyngitis and trachitis) and tonsillitis. Ingredients like sapistan, unnab, asal-us-soos tukhm-e-khtmi plays an important role in the management of sore throat, cough, URTI and tonsils and other ingredients provide supports the key ingredient and facilitate them to act locally. Furthermore, they also potentiate the actions of key ingredients synergistically.

· Ayush Joshanda- It is recommended by MoH (Govt. of India) for the prevention of current pandemic. Natural ingredients like, Darchini, Kali Mirch, Tulsi and Saunth are well known immunity modulators and have the quality to fight against the pathogens. This formulation is very effective in Sore Throat, Cold, Cough and Catarrhal discharge. So, consume 2 cups a day (morning /evening) for the prevention of the disease and promotive health.

· Khameera Hameedi -A unique herbo-mineral formulation of time tested ingredients including Abresham, Yaqoot, Ood and Zafaran. It is useful to address general debility, poor immunity, and compromised functioning of vital organs. It i’s fortified with valuable essential oils derived from Darchini, Long, Tezpat and Balchar.

Hamdard Laboratories’ newly introduced medicines provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare against fever, blood purification, liver protection, cold, cough, asthma, acne, skin allergies and have anti-oxidant properties. The fundamentals of Unani diagnosis and treatment modalities are based on scientific principles and a holistic approach, considering. These medicines are available at general medical stores.

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