Guru Randhawa teams up with Mountain Dew to kick off the ‘Dahaad Laga Aur Apne #DarrNuDara’ challenge

New Delhi: Beverage brand, Mountain Dew® launched the #DarrNuDarra challenge symbolic of the gallant persona of the people of Punjab. Designed to ignite the fearless spirit within us all, just like the mighty roar of a lion, the #DarrNuDarra challenge encourages individuals to face their fears head-on and aligns with the Mountain Dew® ‘s philosophy.

Guru Randhawa, a true embodiment of this ethos, continues his journey with Mountain Dew® to champion the cause of fearlessness by taking on the #DarrNuDarra challenge on Instagram. In the video, Guru is seen using Mountain Dew’s #DarrNuDarra filter as he unleashes a roar akin to that of a lion into the phone, the filter displays a real-time meter steadily ascending.

This challenge seamlessly extends the ‘Dar Nu Daraa’ campaign, previously launched by Mountain Dew® earlier this year with a specific focus on the Punjab market. It featured a groundbreaking anthem performed by the Punjabi singer and youth icon, Guru Randhawa.

Commenting on the challenge, singer Guru Randhawa, said, “Mountain Dew’s #DarrNuDarra is not just a challenge; it’s a celebration of strength and fearlessness. As we embrace courage, let’s roar together, conquer our fears, and savor the thrill of life’s adventures. Join me in facing your fears and unleashing the Sher (lion) within.”


Following Guru Randhawa’s fearless lead, Punjabi influencers like Amrit Ramgharia, Inder, Rajat, Tamana Verma, Vaishnavi and Gunjan Sherawat also took to their Instagram to take on the #DarrNuDara challenge. Through captivating content, they encouraged their followers and consumers to confront their fears heads-on, let out their inner roar and join the challenge.

Speaking on the campaign Kanupriya, Senior Brand Manager, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo India said, “At Mountain Dew, we believe that courage sis the driving force behind achieving greatness. As Guru Randhawa fearlessly embraces the #DarrNuDarra challenge on Instagram, he embodies the very spirit that defines our brand. With the #DarrNuDarra, we urge our consumers to tap into their inner Sher, confront their fears, and embark on life’s journey with the same unyielding fearlessness that sets Mountain Dew apart.”

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