Foreign visitors from Togo , Israel joins Ekamra Walks

Bhubaneswar, March 18: Proving the popularity of the Ekamra Walks, the only guided heritage tour in the city, two visitors from Lome city, capital of Togo in Africa and one from Tel Aviv, the second most populous city in Israel joined the Old Town Circuit and enjoyed their time.
In fact, the two youths from Togo Komlan Daniel Assigvi and Godson Klipe are studying engineering at city based KIIT University. “We are here for more than a year, but came to this beautiful heritage walk for the first time. We are very fortunate to get all the knowledge and idea about Odisha’s ancient temple building tradition and also the beautiful carving work by the artisans,’’ they said.
The man from Tel Aviv Anadav Goldgerg, a chef in his city, just arrived in the Temple City on Saturday and would stay here for three four days. “I am on an Indian tour for a month, but I found this beautiful city interesting and full of surprises. I liked the heritage walk very much,’’ said Anadav.
Isha Biswas from Kolkata visited with her sister, family and kids and all found the heritage walk very interesting. Isha was all praise for guide Satyaswarup Mishra. “Satya is explaining things, stories, temple architecture and other details in a very storey-telling fashion and the interactive way between the visitors, guide and other members of the organizing team made out day memorable,’’ said Isha.
Samuel Noel (11) and Sarah (7), cousins in the group, who are students of Modern Public School, Balasore, said that the heritage walk also helped them to know many things regarding the temples of Bhubaneswar as they are reading about Temple City from their school books.
Apart from the various small families, senior citizens and their kin apart, a seven-member engineering students’ team from KIIT University was part of the participants today at the heritage tour in the Old Town.
Digbalaya Rout, 4th year B.Tech. student of the group of engineering students, said“during the heritage walk we learn many things apart from the temples of Old Town area. The story behind Bindusagar, the medicinal plant garden and Odissi recital at Art Vision, the institute established by well-known danseuse Padma Shri Ileana Citaristi were other major attractions of the event.
Digbalaya’s friend Supriya Sahoo, also from 4th Year B.Tech class at KIIT University said “visit to the Ekamra Walks with a group of friends and learning things on heritage, conservation, cultural things all made the day a nice learning experience.’’
She also said that ACF Ashok Kumar Mishra’s explanation of the medicinal plant garden and the beautiful concept of developing the entire thing around the story of Ekamra Kshetra was a beautiful thing to know. Odissi recital at Art Vision aptly reminded us the beautiful sculptures on the temple walls when the young dancers showed their skillful movements of body and displayed the emotions through “abhinaya’’.

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