Fashion Designer Arjun Kumar Speaks About The Vibrant Wardrobe Trends


By Roy

Fashion designer Arjun Kumar is all set to twist the trends. Speaking about his recent venture with the music video ‘Teri Patli Kamar’ he says, “It was a wonderful experience collaborating with “Teri Patli Kamar” and bringing about exposure, experience, contacts along with Photofit production. It was an opportunity to showcase my designed clubwear costumes for the artists, and it’s great to see that people are loving my work which goes with the current trend.”

Hailing from Assam, Arjun’s journey have been a roller-coaster ride to the fashion hub of India. Taking a note on his graph so far, he tells us, “I definitely have seen ups and downs due to lack of exposure and awareness. But I never gave up because of my belief in bringing the change and giving my best in the right direction. I got my way from a show in Goa and kept on working hard by recreating new designs,new looks using my skills and knowledge on the ongoing trends thereby organising as well as collaborating with many shows showcasing my collections. So communication, skill, creativity have been the key out there.”

Fashion designing is much more than a goal and career option for Arjun. Having skill and interest, he is really passionate towards it from his teenage days. “I choose it as a career because I like to recreate new looks and designs. There are many levels of opportunities in this field which I would love to work on. The skills one develops through observation and creation are really beneficial.”

Arjun’s collections are a trademark when it comes to the game of patterns. Stating about infusing Indian asthetic patterns Arjun shares, “I can infuse traditional Indian patterns with fabrics and colours.
Fusion can be created by customising Indian aesthetics in the current trend
The elegance and the beauty of the multi-coloured culture of India can be beautifully flaunted in my collections.”

Further he says, “Fashion is something which never fades away. Its an ongoing trend, recreation of new looks, improvisation of the older ones. During this pandemic, online shopping became the virtual way to reach out to the consumer. But what I envision post pandemic regarding the sustainability of fashion industry are changes in terms of number of collections produced within a year, sanitation of garments. Filter is required to make space for good, honest, sincere labels with integrity that would have a purpose.”

According to Arjun, a fulfilling a customer’s wardrobe requirment should be the key goal for a designer.
“My designs keep me motivating to work more on it and create new designs along with the trend. I effort to keep it up with the generation taste for fashion and comfort. As India is a hub of various cultures, here fashion lies in the veins of people.”
By Roy

Fashion industry has been through a great evolution over the decades. From less recognition to huge admiration, Arjun says that people are more aware about styling sense, fabrics, designs. “Social media is a great platform where influencers, bloggers, actors, play a role of messengers in terms of showcasing new trends. Technology has brought about many changes. Shopping has taken a shift from offline to online. Competition is inventing varieties. The blurry picture of designs in the minds of people now can be created with help of a fashion designer thereby playing a major role in turning ‘imaginary fashion to reality’. The influencers, marketing technology and social media in fashion industry play a vital role because they influence the crowd to make choices accordingly. People follow influencers on various social media platforms and get to know about new collections, creations.

Arjun’s favourite aspect as a designer is the fabric. He says, “The feel, comfort of a fabric and finishing of a costume is the main aspect and as I’m a celebrity designer, clients prefer good fabric. Therefore, finishing of the product/costume is an emphasizing factor.
Moreover, compromising style with discomfort has both positive and negative aspects. It needs to be taken care of. But the positive side lies when someone carries something unique which is not commonly worn. That’s a courageous thing to feel proud about.”

Simplifying fashion in words, Arjun says it’s never a rocket science. “Whenever I leisure, you should utilise your time to change the whole casual apparel into what you want out of it and make it look beautiful. In less time you have to make it big always. One can try working and playing with colors, crawls, cuts and always sticking upto the zone of oneself,” he says.

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