eSports 2023: The Main Events

As people forge ahead into the unfolding digital age, the eSports phenomenon continues to scale staggering heights of popularity and recognition.

The global eSports market, a powerhouse of competitive video gaming, has taken the world by storm and is expected to witness unprecedented growth in the year 2023.

Fans of dazzling spectacles, as well as bettors from across the globe, may take advantage of such events by opening an account with a reputable betting online site.

In this piece, let’s dive into an immersive preview of the most anticipated eSports events on the calendar for this thrilling year, laying bare the electrifying experiences that await eSports enthusiasts worldwide.

The International 2023

First in the line-up of major events is “The International 2023” for Dota 2. Already renowned for its astronomical prize pools and the fierce competition it attracts, the International this year is set to break all previous records.

  • Venue: Will be announced
  • Prize Pool: While the final sum is still unknown, given the trend of previous years, it is expected to cross the $40 million mark, which is largely crowdfunded by Dota 2’s global fanbase.
  • Date (Final): Based on past events, the Grand Finals will likely take place in August 2023.
  • Possible Sports Bets: Outright winners, individual match outcomes, and unique propositions such as first blood, highest kill count, and the number of games in a series. Additionally, some betting platforms like India 24bet also offer live bets.

Valve, the creators of Dota 2, are hosting a tournament that will include participants from all across the globe.

Only the best 12 teams in the world compete in the international event. Using a battle pass mechanism, players may contribute to the tournament prize pool. Keep an eye on The International for future updates.

League of Legends Worlds Championships 2023

In the realm of MOBAs, the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship stands out as an event of colossal importance. The World Championship 2023, colloquially known as “Worlds,” promises to serve a high-octane cocktail of strategy, skills, and surprise comebacks.

  • Venue: Tokyo, Japan
  • Prize Pool: The overall prize pool, including basic awards and fan donations via in-game purchases, is likely to exceed $2 million, based on past years.
  • Date (Final): The big finale is scheduled for November 2023, as usual. The precise date has not yet been revealed.
  • Possible Sports Bets: Bettors may gamble on the tournament winner, individual match results, the total number of kills in a game, the first to achieve a specified amount of kills, and the match length.

On January 10 and 11, 2019, the Season 2023 Kickoff event took place, marking the beginning of the season for players from nine different leagues.

To be held in the heart of gaming action, Tokyo, this competition will see the top-tier LoL teams competing for the coveted Summoner’s Cup and the title of the World Champions.

Overwatch World Cup 2023

One of the most innovative and captivating eSports titles, Overwatch, is set to return with its World Cup in 2023. In this global face-off, national teams from all corners of the world will compete in a multi-stage tournament designed to test their coordination, strategy, and shooting skills.

  • Venue: New York City, USA
  • Prize Pool: To be announced
  • Date (Final): Historically, the World Cup has occurred during BlizzCon, usually in November.
  • Possible Sports Bets: Tournament champions or match winners. Bets on the first kill, total kills, or first objective are more complex. Some sites allow live betting during the match.

Hosted in New York City, the Overwatch World Cup will provide a unique spectacle of eSports, melding team-based action with global pride in a battle for the championship title.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship 2023

Rounding up the list of key eSports events in 2023, here is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) Major Championship. This event is legendary for the intense first-person shooter gameplay and the fierce competition it provides.

  • Venue: Berlin, Germany
  • Prize Pool: Valve, the game’s developer, usually awards $1 million for Major Championships. The 2023 championship prize pool has not been announced, although the winning team will undoubtedly get a big portion.
  • Date (Final): The CS: GO Major Championship 2023 final date is unknown. Based on prior timetables, the event may occur in October or November.
  • Possible Sports Bets: Bettors may choose the winner, match winners, or handicaps. More specific bets include estimating the map score, the first kill, and the most kills.

The top CS: GO teams will test their mettle in a grueling contest, where every headshot counts and every strategy could lead to victory or defeat. Expect adrenaline-fueled rounds, unbelievable clutch plays, and an unforgettable eSports experience.


2023 is a landmark year in the eSports industry, promising excitement, thrill, and high-stakes competition for fans and players alike.

Yet, these events are just the tip of the iceberg. The world of eSports is vast and ever-evolving, featuring various games, formats, and competitions.

From regional tournaments to amateur leagues, there are countless other events where talent, skill, and passion come to the fore.

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