My Eco Energy launches Indizel in OdishaMy Eco Energy launches Indizel in Odisha

Bhubaneshwar: My Eco Energy (MEE), India’s young renewable fuel company, recently announced the launch of its revolutionary green fuel Indizel in Odisha which is an alternative to premium and conventional diesel. Indizel is an ultra-premium sustainable fuel pioneered by MEE which is India’s only renewable fuel that complies with EN 590 quality standards and BS VI and EURO 6 emission norms. Being EN 590 compliant Indizel can be used in all diesel engines without any engine modification or blending limits. As per the latest amendment to the National Policy on Biofuels in May 2018, Indizel falls under the category of drop-in fuel for diesel engines. A drop-in fuel is an alternative fuel that is completely interchangeable and compatible with a particular conventional (typically petroleum-derived) fuel, without any engine modifications. Even before the National Bio-Fuel Policy recognized this kind of advanced bio-fuel, Indizel was created by MEE, through a rigorous process of research and engineering surpassing all standards of 2nd generation advanced drop-in bio-fuel for diesel engines. Following this amendment, My Eco Energy plans to retail Indizel through MEE fuel stations, located on strategic highways and prominent city roads across Odisha. MEE plans to launch 300+ outlets in the state of Odisha by 2019. Mr. Santosh Verma – Co-founder, My Eco Energy, said, “Cities in the state of Odisha are suffocating, constantly recording high levels of air pollution. There is a pressing need to move to a greener and cleaner fuel without effecting performance and deliveries. Indizel reduces tail-pipe emissions by more than 80% that substantially brings down pollution and delivers better performance and economies to the engine than any variant of diesel. With National Bio Fuel Policy paving way for a drop-in fuel like Indizel, we see East India especially Odisha as a huge market and hence have launched our revolutionary product Indizel in the state. We are planning to set up a network of 300 franchisee operated fuel dispensing stations in the state.”For more than 120 years there has been no major innovation in diesel fuel and the world has been dependent on a fuel that severely pollutes the air, gives limited performance, and corrodes engine. Indizel by My Eco Energy is a revolutionary innovation which will resolve all the challenges associated with diesel, premium diesels & 1st generation of Bio-Diesels. Indizel outperforms premium as well as conventional diesel & all 1st generation Bio-Diesels, in performance, economy and emissions. Some key features and benefits of Indizel:• Due to its higher cetane number than diesel, Indizel’s combustion is better, resulting into 25% better torque and horsepower under standard test conditions, enabling engine to achieve its optimum capacity, lesser lagging/dragging, lesser noise and more power• As fuel is burnt better, there is better fuel recovery and lesser particulate residue making it highly economical and less polluting at the same time • Due to its low cold filter plugging point, engines using Indizel run efficiently even at      -12 Degree Celsius • Has no blending limits, is reverse compatible and can be used in any proportion. It does not need any engine modifications• Indizel is a renewable fuel, reducing the huge dependency on fossil fuels. • As it’s a bio fuel, Indizel comes under the purview of GST, making it Rs.7 to 8 cheaper than a regular diesel• MEE Fuel Stations are fully automated, and fuelling is possible only through mobile app with money pre-loaded, which is recognised by the nozzle• Each drop of fuel is accounted for, with automation ensuring quality and quantity, with loyalty-based offers & priority services making fuelling at MEE Fuel Station a delightful experience To further enhance the consumer’s convenience, MEE has created a unique fuelling opportunity, Available On Demand (AOD). AOD provides non-stop supply of Indizel for self-consumption. With AOD, businesses can set up an on-site fuel-station allowing a 24/7 availability of fuel. This solution is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, such as Transport & Shipping, Agriculture & Livestock, Manufacturing & Automotive, Construction & Mining and more.

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