CSMIA completes recarpeting of secondary Runway 14/32: Takes Operational Efficiency and Safety to New Heights

Mumbai  – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA), diligently worked towards the major re-carpeting project for its secondary runway – Runway 14/32. With meticulous planning, seamless execution, and a strong commitment to strict timelines and safe operations, CSMIA has successfully achieved this crucial infrastructure enhancement as per schedule. This is a step forward in enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining the highest safety standards for air travel.

CSMIA operates one of the busiest single-crossover runways in the world with an average of 950 flights. Thus, making it imperative that the runways are kept in optimal conditions to maintain continuous and safe aircraft operations during landing and take-off. The recarpeting initiative, which commenced on December 9, 2022, has concluded as planned, with completion achieved on June 10, 2023. CSMIA employed a meticulously structured approach to ensure a smooth and efficient project execution for its secondary runway 14/32, where an average of about 200 personnel worked daily to provide efficient qualitative effort to achieve the most exceptional result possible.

A comprehensive daily program, featuring specific targets, was carefully planned and diligently monitored. To ensure the project’s efficiency and swift progress, the runway remained closed for approximately 12 hours daily. This uninterrupted period enabled the project team to execute their tasks meticulously.

The major resurfacing work covered a substantial area, with the runway spanning an impressive length of 2210 meters (excluding the intersection portion) and boasting a breadth of 75 meters which led to the upgradation of all stressed portions of the runway surface by laying about 72,500 metric ton (MT) asphalt. CSMIA adopted the widely acclaimed “Mill & Fill” technique for Runway 14/32 which are carefully orchestrated steps. That includes precise removal of existing Airfield Ground Lighting fittings by core cutting, subsequent core filling with quick set concrete, precise milling of the existing surface to the required depth, precisely overlaying with layers of Asphalt (DBM, AC) using advanced paver machines, followed by coring on the new surface to fix the fittings as per the planned strip chart. Finally, comprehensive testing and commissioning were conducted after the meticulous installation of all necessary fittings.

The completion of the recarpeting project signifies a significant leap forward for CSMIA, delivering long-term benefits and further solidifying its commitment to maintenance excellence, operational safety, and efficient flight operations. The overlay process enhances the cross slopes, thereby enhancing the runway’s ability to efficiently drain off surface water, especially during monsoon periods. Moreover, the recarpeting work significantly improves the runway’s friction value, thus augmenting overall operational efficiency.

Throughout the project’s duration, CSMIA implemented comprehensive measures to ensure flight operations remained uninterrupted. The airport continually endeavours to provide advanced technology that helps in allowing airlines to operate efficiently and with ease. Through these developments, CSMIA has been able to provide the best-in-class standards for airlines operating from Mumbai, while creating better efficacy.

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