Constitution Day celebrated in P.G. Department of Political Science, Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College, Jeypore

Jeypore: Constitution Day celebrated in P.G. Department of Political Science, Vikram Deb (Autonomous) College, Jeypore on 26.11.2017 to commemorate the Constitution of India. The meeting was organised by the staff and students under the Chairmanship of Dr. Rachana Acharya, Head of the Department of Political Science. In the celebration the father of Indian Constitution Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was remembered by all the Guests, Delegates and students. in the beginning of the meeting Dr. Acharya administered Oath to all the participants by reading out the preamble and also highlighted on the importance and utility of the Constitution.

Principal of the College Dr. C. Savitri motivated the students and staff for celebrating this day and encouraged the students to organise such type of functions in future. The Principal Dr. Savitri also highlighted the role and importance of women in India by giving an example of the Chief Guest on this occasion.

The Chief Guest of the day eminent personality Smt. Kamala Pujari highlighted on the essence of the Constitutional rights of the citizen and the role of of the farmers in nation building process.

The Chief Speaker on this day Lok Adalat Member and Renewed Retired Professor of Political Science Smt. P. Shyanta Kumari addressed the audience about the making of the Indian Constitution. Professor Kumari through her fascinating speech made the participants conscious about the equal importance of the rights as well as duties of the citizens and given more stress on Fundamental Duties.

Editor of the Desia Patrika Sri Ranjan Mahuria was Guest of honour of this day and felt enlightened to be a part of the Constitution Day Celebration. Sri Mahuria motivated the students to be a law abiding citizen of India through his inspiring song.

The whole programme was managed by the Departmental Faculty Sri Sankar Prasad Duria.

Faculties of the college Dr. Suchitra Mishra, Uttam Kumar Panigrahi, Gayatri Mohapatra, Kanhu Charan Barada, Panchendra Kumar Naik, Chakrapani Sahu, Staff of the college, Media Persons, Ex. V.D College Student’s Union President Mr. Narahari Harijan and Sri Bibekananda Suna Assistant Professor of Govt. Women’s College, Jeypore were present in the programme.

On this auspicious day Chief Guest Smt. Kamala Pujari was felicitated.

At the end P.G. student Mr. Anwesh Choudhury offered vote of thanks to all the guests and participants for making this programme successful.

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