A completely a different Rahul Gandhi: A “zabardast” makeover so far

By Amarendra Mohanty
There is a widespread talk of the transformation of Rahul Gandhi. Though the Gujarat election seemed to be a cakewalk for the incumbent BJP initially but Congress lead by Rahul was able to give an impression of an intense contest at the end. Thanks to the new strategy, effective poll management, attracting the powerful but young leaders from different castes. The good management of social media results in the surge of followers in twitter handle of Mr. Gandhi recently.
It was completely a different Rahul while interacting media, delivering the speech, visiting temples or eating roadside foodie in the mid of campaigning. His choice of words like ‘Gabbar Sing Tax (GST)’, posing questions to PM Modi in twitter and carrying a high voltage campaign leads to the perception of a visible challenge to the BJP.
Being elected as the president of the grand old party, it is to see how he is strengthening the party throwing a challenge to mighty BJP in upcoming assembly elections and 2019 general election. But he is able to create a perception of giving a tough fight in coming days. This would certainly help the Congress workers to boost their confidence which was completely decimated by TsuNamo in general election 2014 and NaMo magic in subsequent assembly elections.

It’s always good to have a strong opposition party in democracy for the greater goods. We hope Congress will play a constructive opposition under the leadership of Rahul and put forth the burning issue of society.
We can only say RaGa 2.0 is a “zabardast” makeover so far!
-Amarendra Mohanty, IT Professional, Research Scholar & Social Worker. +91 9791045053, Twitter @AmarendraM

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