Central University of Odisha (CUO) Forges Alliance with IGNCA to Preserve Traditional Knowledge


On Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, a significant press conference convened at the Koraput campus of the Central University of Odisha (CUO), Koraput, unveiling plans for a momentous collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi. The purpose of this gathering was to announce the forthcoming Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the CUO and the IGNCA, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture. This alliance aims to safeguard and promote traditional knowledge.

At present, 55 representatives from IGNCA are conducting a field tour of the Koraput region, hosted by CUO, in a joint effort between the two institutions. During the press meet, Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi, the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of CUO, underscored the institution’s commitment to the dual pillars of education and research, highlighting the potential of partnering with IGNCA to offer specialized courses in cultural studies, with a particular focus on tribal culture.

Prof. Arun K Bhardwaj, Head of the Indian Literature Department at IGNCA, elaborated on the collaborative efforts for knowledge exchange and documentation. He lauded CUO as the sole Central University collaborating with IGNCA in pursuing specialized studies in Temple resources, Natural resources, and Tribal traditions. The partnership also entails the introduction of online courses for the dissemination of cultural knowledge and studies, along with the preservation and documentation of traditional knowledge in digital formats.

In addition to the formal proceedings, attendees were treated to an exhibition showcasing the rich flora and fauna of the region, courtesy of students from CUO’s Department of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources (DBCNR). Furthermore, a display featuring various products crafted from millets, a staple of the Koraput region’s traditional cuisine, captivated visitors.

The press meet saw the presence of distinguished individuals from both CUO and IGNCA, including media personnel, members of CUO’s Media Committee, and key functionaries. Among them were Prof. Anil Kumar, (Professor of Tribal Studies, IGNCA), Dr. Bharat Panda (Professor of Education), Dr. Padma Charan Mishra (Associate Professor & HoD, Dept. of Business Management) Dr. Sourav Gupta (Coordinator of IGNCA Visit), Dr. Nikhil Gouda (Associate Professor, J&MC) and Dr. Phagunath Bhoi (PRO, CUO).


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