CEAT introduces all-women CEAT Shoppes in India

New Delhi: CEAT Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer, introduces the concept of only women operated CEAT Shoppes across India. The all women CEAT Shoppe will be CEAT’s endeavour to empower women especially in the male dominated tyre industry. The Shoppes are owned, managed and run by team of women which will give them equal opportunity to grow and make a mark in tyre Industry. The first of such Shoppes has been opened in Bhatinda, north India followed by introduction of 10 Shoppes in the next few months across India.

The all women CEAT Shoppes include women workforce for all service-related assistance to customers. This also includes manual jobs like wheel changing, balancing and operating various machinery to service a vehicle. CEAT will be investing in providing end to end training to the women running the CEAT Shoppes. At the time of the global crisis due to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs but with this initiative, CEAT Tyres is opening avenues for women and creating more employment opportunities.

Mr Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT said “CEAT recognizes the value of gender diversity at workplace. We have been offering equal and fair opportunity to women in every field including our manufacturing plants. From shop-floor engineers to leadership roles, CEAT has a diversified female workforce taking up challenging roles and growing in their respective fields. The all Women CEAT Shoppe, is an industry first initiative which further reiterates our commitment to allow women to grow and make a mark in the Tyre Industry which is predominantly male driven business. The initiative will not only provide financial stability to the women but will inspire many others to join this industry as we plan to expand our footprints across India with many more such outlets in the months to come.”

With more than 300+ CEAT Shoppes in India, these CEAT Shoppes are authorised one stop shop for vehicular assistance for sales and service to customers.


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