CDA is taking up the 2nd annual monitoring of the Chilika lake on 17th January 2019

Bhubanswar: Chilika Development Authority (CDA) is taking up the 2nd annual monitoring of the Chilika lake on 17th January 2019. Twenty nine teams will be doing the survey across the length and breadth of the lagoon from 6.00 A.M. to 12.00 noon, with an aim to find out the number, range and distribution of Irrawaddy dolphins, New areas of bird congregation, sponges that are appearing again after 1985 in parts of Chilika, extent of Sea grass and reconstruction of evicted gharries, if any etc. The annual bird census was highly encouraging with more than a million birds being sighted for the first time after 2004. The new areas of bird congregation will be mapped out. All the fishing and tourist boats have been requested not to ply from morning to 12.00 noon for the proper monitoring of the lake. The tourists are advised not to visit the lake in the morning hours because of the annual monitoring and stoppings of the boat for the same.
29 teams consisting of Officers from CDA, Chilika Wildlife Davison, Office of PCCF(WL), Odisha, members of different NGOs, members from Boat Owners Association, Wildlife Warden of Khurda and Wildlife lovers of adjoining areas rea being engaged to know the exact status. The results of the monitoring are expected to help CDA and Chilika Wildlife Division in better management of the lake. The findings of the monitoring are likely to be made public by evening of 18th January 2019.
I would request media to extend their support in giving this wide publicity, so that visitors avoid going to the lake in the morning hours and are not put to difficulty. We will share the findings of the annual monitoring in the evening with the media for dissemination to public.

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