Candid Cinema Launches The Second Season Of ‘Candid Conversations’


Cuttack: Well known for its presentation of unique contents, YouTube channel Candid Cinema launched its second season of talk show called ‘Candid Conversations’ on 8th October. The discussion followed with the topic on ‘Online Classes And Its Impact’, where Seetal Shravani (Undergraduate Student), Bijeta Pattanaik (Teacher), and Smita Mohanty (School Counselor) joined as experts.

Holding classes online have lessened the disruption in studies, but the sudden unthinkable change stretching for a period called ‘new normal’ was difficult to cope with in the beginning, believes Seetal. However, a teacher’s role is very crucial in every phase of life. Bijeta thinks that the development in technology is the biggest blessing in the present time. “A teacher not only teaches lessons, he/she nourishes your life. None of us had ever been in such a situation. But if looked on to the brighter side, we have mend ways to deal with it. Every new thing seems strange at first, later becomes a part of life. Online classes have helped us to keep the academic curriculum smooth. Classrooms are no longer happening in four walls, which can been seen as an opportunity to explore more in the real world. Many institutions, and organisations have come forward to help the distressed students with gadgets and equipments to maintain their continuity in studies,” she says.

Amidst crisis, students are undergoing mental health issues. Commenting on this Smita says, “I receive more such cases frequently nowadays, which is not at all an unusual reaction to the situation. Process of development is very sensitive in the case of children. Affected by pandemic, they are completely isolated from their normal, active lives. Parents, guardians, and teachers can play an important role while dealing with this. They can persuade their children to develop interest in different things and learn, work on healthy habits and make room for positivity in every situation. These small steps can prove beneficial in the long run.”

The founder of Candid Cinema Riyyan Amin Farooq says, “Candid conversations is a platform within Candid Cinema in which people can interact and keep their views regarding the ongoing social, political, economic issues etc plaguing the country.
As the name suggests, it’s completely candid, just like any other group discussion. None of the content is scripted.

The first season of Candid Conversations did extremely well. We got comments and requests from a lot of people to cover other such topics, some where even interested to join the platform as panelists. Hence we decided to go for a second season. The second season infact is shot online completely and the panelists had joined using Zoom app.
In candid conversations we do not just talk about the problems but also think and propose solutions to those problems. Likewise in the first episode, we discussed about the coping techniques.”

The session was hosted by Debamitra Mishra and coordinated by Arpan Nanda and Ayushi Kumari.

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