Cabinet approves restructuring of the cadre of the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS)

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Administrative Service is the premier State Civil Service cadre and its Officers serve the State in almost all fields of administration for proper implementation of the Government schemes and Programs  with citizen centric approach. Officers of this cadre contribute mostly to the Revenue Administration, Law Order, Rural & Urban development, land Acquisition. Rehabilitation Resettlement. Education & Health and especial,. Disaster Management and utmost importance is being attached to transparency and office, in public delivery system, which has necessitated posting of Officers in different level in addition to the existing scale, as per requirement Of Departments. Besides, owing to increase in posts at the base level, there is a need for enhancement of posts in mid and senior level in order to augment the existing promotional facilities, through restructuring of the cadre. Considering the requirement. Government have decided to restructure the Cadre in the teeming manner.


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