Booozie’s 10 minute liquor delivery service to launch in Odisha

Bhubaneshwar : Booozie, the service that has taken Kolkata by storm with a first of its kind10-minute liquor delivery platform is all set launch operations in Odisha after receiving an NOC from the Odisha Excise Department.

Odisha, primarily Bhubaneswar has been a stupendous market for liquor sales, with one of the highest percentage of population which consumes liquor. Surveys indicate that the percentage is almost double of the country’s average.

 “After receiving an overwhelming and unprecedented response in Kolkata, we wanted to expand further in the Eastern Cluster. We welcome the progressive move by Odisha Government to issue NOCs to aggregators like Booozie. Bhubaneswar is rapidly growing from a Tier II city to a smart metro with a huge demographic of E-com users. In-app analytics, brand feedback and on ground user data in Kolkata have all pointed that there is a void in the market for an efficient, cost effective delivery service in the Liquor segment. We have been able to capture 25% of the market share in the first month of our operations in Kolkata.”   Said Vivekanand Balijepalli, Founder and CEO of Booozie.

Booozie has been offering premium delivery services at affordable and almost negligible delivery fee, which seems to have got the customer’s nod. So how has Booozie been able to achieve this, we asked Vivekanand.

He said” We have been very strategic in our selection of stores, optimising our rider force, usage of technology to anticipate the trends, keeping retailer interests intact to come up with a robust model that can be a plug and play in Bhubaneswar. This coupled with sale of our in house FMCG products such as Packaged Drinking Water, Club Soda, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale etc. and Snacks ensures the viability of the model. I believe a BOOOZIE is one who enjoys a drink responsibly, smartly and unapologetically. We want to ensure we provide this to our fellow BOOOZIE’s.”

This one-stop-shop for everything to do with liquor seems to be the need of the hour in Bhubaneswar and for that matter all over the country.

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