BJP will not compromise on the issue of intruders: Amit Shah

Bhubaneswar: Giving a straight reply to the opposition on the NRC issue, BJP Chief Amit Shah said that intruders are not entitled to stay in this country. This is also BJP’s thinking.

Speaking at the News18 India Baithak, Amit Shah said, “Assam Accord was signed by Rajiv Gandhi. The main issue of the Assam Accord was the NRC. The Congress did not have the courage to implement the NRC. The BJP government took the mandate and implemented NRC. ”

At the event Shah said that there are 40 lakh intruders but they will also be given a chance to prove their citizenship. Those who cannot prove the citizenship, they do not have the right to take part in this country’s democratic process. Shah said, “All political parties should clarify their stand on NRC – whether intruders should be allowed to stay in the country not. Political parties should not interfere and create obstacles in the NRC process. In the guise of Mamta Banerjee, Congress is also doing politics on the NRC”, he said.

“I think the Assam NRC has reached one stage. Every state must ensure they stand with the legal process. Once the process in Assam is done, we can debate on whether the NRC must be implemented across the country,” he added.

Shah said that we do not make good looking decisions, rather we make decisions that give good results. He said that we formed the coalition government but did not compromise with the nation. He said that Mayawati had said that the country needs forced (majboor) government rather than a strong (mazboot) government. It should be decided by the people of the country whether it wants a strong government or a forced government. He added that because of Rahul Gandhi’s hug incident, the dignity of Parliament, Prime Minister and the opposition was compromised.

In the meeting, Shah said that the BJP has the most popular leadership in the world. “Only the PDP has left us and I don’t see that as a major problem,” he added.

On the issue of mob lynching, Amit Shah said that everyone has the right to question the crimes under mob lynching. Shah said that under the BJP government, not a single FIR was registered under the mob. Every complaint had specific names and strong action was taken against those people.

He said, “Our roots in Northeastern India have been stronger. We are No. 2 in Bengal and we have also become No. 2 in Orissa.” He said the no government has ever given as much importance to the North-Eastern states as compared to the current government.

Shah said that politics is chemistry and not physics. “If you mix two substances in chemistry, then the third substance is made. In Uttar Pradesh, opposition tried the alliance route but they lost by a huge margin. BJP won over 300 seats in the assembly elections.”

On opposing EVMs, Shah said, “Of the people who are against the EVM are Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee and other parties. I would like to ask Kejriwal ji, did he himself not get elected via EVMs?” Shah said that the opposition should not search for the reasons for their defeats in EVMs but rather among the public. He said that Rajasthan BJP will again form government.

Shah said that our leaders are sharply watching the country’s economy, so that there is no theft. He said that Modi Government has done a lot of work for self-employment. “We have given 12 million people jobs through self-employment.” Shah also said that Rahul Gandhi has ended the politics of consensus.

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