BJP & BJD are the two side same coin: Dr. A Chellakumar,In-charge for Odisha Pradesh Congress

Bhubaneswar: BJP & BJD both political parties are two sides of the same coin. They have mutual understanding but in public eye their fighting. A very senior leader of the BJP Party of the State and the present union minister had said after the 2019 General election that will fight only when during the time of election. Dr. A Chella Kumar MP and AICC in-charge of Odisha Pradesh Congress while addressing a press conference has charged booth the party and sited many instances where both parties are working together against the interest of the state and its people. Both the party share power from 2000 to 2009 and during that time many serious corruption charges were leveled against the then state Ministers of BJP and also the BJD Ministers about land scam, minor mineral recourses, mining scam & Dal scam. In spite of that nobody was punished from BJP & BJD. While replying about the allegation by the BJP in the recent Pari Murder case of Nayagarh that Congress has been managed in the floor by the rulling party, he categorically refuted the charges and asked BJP if they have faith on the constitution and the sanctity of the legislature, we are ready for the all kinds probe and test. Will BJP leaders accept the same? The CBI was monitoring in a number of issue starting from the most heinous crime against Itishree, a teacher of Rayagada and the prime accused of the said case. Mr. Jayaram Pangi, who was the member of the BJD Joined BJP when the CBI enquiry was going on. This speaks enough & enough the moral integrity of the BJP party and their faith on the political system. The CBI has failed in finding out the culprits of the gruesome rape and murder incident of Itishree. The CBI has failed in unearthing the biggest minining and Chitfund scam. That is why the Congress Party has demanded the SIT, to be monitored by the one of the Hon’ble sitting Judge of the Odisha High Court in the Pari gruesome murder case of Nayagarh. But the BJP was demanding CBI enquiry, when they knew CBI has failed in giving justice to the victims in number of cases, they were dealt with. So now questions arise who is managed by whom? when the BJP don’t have required strengths in the assembly, how their candidate Mr. Ashwini Vainshnab elected to Rajaysabha so smoothly? Here BJD has been managed by the BJP. Regarding the chit fund scam the CBI has touched Nabin Niwas but why many leaders of the BJP & BJD including their ministers are moving scot free. Is CBI being managed by the BJP for the BJD? Both BJP & BJD don’t have commitment and will to deliver justice to the people and to ensure all-round development of the state. They together are looting the states recourses for their own benefit. The people of the state has convinced that both BJP & BJD are same and there is no iota of doubt. From 2014 to till 2020 Modi Government has passed a number of anti people bills starting from Demonetization, GST and the new agricultural bill, where BJD support to BJP and not only that there are number of instances where both parties are working for their common benefits.
Mr. Niranjan Patnaik the President OPCC has said while addressing the press conference that Odisha has been ranked to third state as per the recent NCRB report of violation against women which includes rape, murder and sexual harassment. Not only that Odisha has also recorded highest number minor girl and child missing, rape and murder. Last 20 years the Home Department is with the chief minister but the crime in every sphere has increased significantly but the Chief Minister is not tendering his resignation on moral grounds. Congress demands the resignation of the Chief Minister because of his in efficiency in deliverance. Recently one girl in Nilagiri Sub-division has been poisoned and sexually assaulted as media report confirms. Congress immediately sent a fact finding team to the sport to enquire and to meet the victim family. But to local MLA belongs to BJP and the MP of the districts belongs to BJP and he is also the Union Minister, but why the BJP leaders are not taking of this matter. This speaks the attitude and character of the BJP for the states cause. So who is managed with whom. Pari was missing on 14th July and her dead body was found on 23rd July, Congress party is protesting from 23rd July onwards till date. But why the BJP protested on 27th November what they were doing last four months. Mr. Pattnaik has reterated that If Mr. Sambit Patra will not beg excuse within 14 days,. For his remarks the party will take legal action for his blatant lie. Mr. Narasingh Mishra the leader of the Congress Party while addressing the press people has categorically said Congress demanded SIT with Sitting High Court Judge to monitor because it is the only viable solution to give justice to Pari and her family very quickly. The state has seen on several cases how CBI has failed in finding the culprits and giving justice to the victim’s family. We are demanding resignation of the CM because he is with Home port folio last twenty years. So he should have to show his accountability and should tender his resignation without any delay. Congress is not a party to be managed.

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