Bhubaneswar Poetry Club organized poetry recitation program with Dare to Rebel theme

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Poetry Club organized poetry recitation program with DaretoRebel theme on July 16 at Bakul Library, Satya Nagar. Nearly 18 young and promising poet recite their poem in the programs.
Budding talents like Sharada Mohapatra, Barshna Ray, Swati Mohanty, Bhitka Mohanty, Aknit Kumar Singh, Amit Kumar Singh, Anup Aggarwal, Rahul Kumar Tudu, Utkarsh Jain, Santrupta Misha, Binayak Deb, Ithishree Singh Rathur, Sweta Paramita, Udahav Nanda, Vaisnabi, Swagatika Dash, Aradhana Naik and others recited poems.

‘Bhubaneswar Poetry Club is here with Parentheses, an effort to break out from the parentheses we have trapped our words in. This will be a series of poetry slam every couple of months, where you can watch our brilliant poets as they let loose their voices,” said co founder of BPC Ananta Prasad.

“Theme for the event: #DaretoRebel. Our country has always been known for its diversity, our ability to accept, our ability to co-exist. But lately, there has been unrest and the temperament of the country has shifted towards a more individualistic sentiment whether it be pertaining to food, religion or freedom of expression. Whenever this has happened, spirits have soared and the people have risen against injustice. Words will bleed and poetry will flow, for this time we are centering our session around . This is for everyone to display their solidarity with the forces of rebellion, rebellion for the good. The pen is mightier then the sword and words, ideas aren’t forgotten,” said cofounder of BPC Sourav Panda.

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