Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation engages five more vehicles to create public awareness on COVID-19

Bhubaneswar: In order to augment the awareness for more and more testing and making people aware about the COVID-19 pandemic situation, its prevention and dealing with it as per the Government guidelines, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) today added five more vehicles to its fleet of five vehicles for information, education and communication (IEC) activity, across the city.
The 10 vehicles were decked up with slogans on COVID-19 related and branding for ‘’Mo Sapatha, Nua Abhyasa’’ to popularise preventive practice of COVID-19 like use of masks while going out, maintaining social distancing, frequenting washing of hands with soap and no spitting at public places. The recorded audio on these preventive practices are also being played while the vehicles move around the city.
BMC sources also added that two vehicles each will be placed at each of the administrative zones, two will be placed at the Central office in Gautam Nagar and two will be exclusively used at major markets of the city for the awareness activity.
The vehicles will also be attending the COVID awareness camps at various wards across the city (both slum and non-slum locations). The awareness camps are being held at several locations in the city as community-based COVID awareness camps are organised by 67 ward officers, 1,737 COVID ‘’sachetaks’’, 348 ‘’sachetak’’ mentors. Moreover, 120 young peer leaders of the Socially Smart Bhubaneswar Project under the Smart City are also collectively working for a greater community-based awareness campaign during the pandemic.
These community-based activities are being organised for preventive measures on COVID-19, encouraging testing, support to public and helping the people undergoing home quarantine/isolation. The activities are also including community cooperation initiatives in order to ensure better preparedness of the city to fight the battle against the pandemic.
It can be mentioned here that BMC has already started community-based activities like engaging Ward Sachetak Committees, Slum Committees, Resident Welfare Associations, Puja Committees and public sector organisations to come forward and contribute towards the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic situation.


• Today a total no of 2,453 testing for COVID-19 were conducted in different testing centres across the city. Now citizens are coming forward for more and more testing with increase of testing centres.
• In South West Zone an awareness-cum-orientation session was conducted with the leadership of ZDC Ravinarayan Zethi at IRC Village High School, Ward No. 25 where representatives of market committee and resident welfare associations participated. The session was attended by 25 participants discussed on SOP, community cooperation for preventive practices and educating fellow citizens about adopting safety behaviour to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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